Nintendo reveals links between original Zelda and Breath of the Wild

In a blog post on their official website, Nintendo pointed out some parallels between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the original ’87 title of the series.

From what we’ve seen during our E3 demo of Breath of the Wild, there are a few easily recognizable similarities between the upcoming Wii U/Switch game and the NES classic. Most evident is the presence of an old man at the start of each game, offering you either guidance or rusty old swords. Nintendo makes note of this parody, noting that the old man in Breath of the Wild will not offer you a sword, and you will instead have to retrieve weapons yourself.

cmm_wiiu_thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild_oldmannew cmm_wiiu_thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild_oldmanoriginal


A more peculiar similarity can be found in one of the landscapes seen in one of the Breath of the Wild trailers. The image shown is of two large rock formations adjacent to each other, much like two rocks seen in one of the areas found in The Legend of Zelda’s open world. It should be noted that there seems to be a noticeable absence of wild octorok in the new image.

cmm_wiiu_thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild_spectaclerocknew cmm_wiiu_thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild_spectaclerockoriginal

Since their showing at E3 earlier this year, Nintendo has been pretty tight-lipped about their upcoming Wii U/Switch title. Though no official release date for Breath of the Wild has been announced, it has been reported that the game will be released at some time within Nintendo Switch’s launch window. Shortly after unveiling the Switch, Nintendo announced that they will be holding a live presentation of their new console on January 12 to discuss pricing and a release date.

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