Nintendo announces new adjustable charging stand for Switch, makes tabletop mode last longer

One of the ways the Nintendo Switch can be played is via tabletop mode. This is where the Switch is placed on a surface with its kickstand out and the Joycons are detached from the sides. However, there was one small issue with this play style: the charger is on the bottom of the system.

Last night, Nintendo revealed a solution to this problem, an adjustable charging stand with power port in the side. This means that if your Switch is dying while you’re playing with a friend and there isn’t a dock near you, you can continue the fight if you have your AC adapter handy.

This isn’t just convenient for players, indie devs also have an advantage to using the adjustable dock. According to Reddit user TrinketTom:

As a dev, holy moley! Our poor dev kits are always connected via the cable, so we can’t prop them up. We’re always testing with them slightly tilted up on random desk debris. This should improve the situation a lot!

The new adjustable charging stand for Nintendo Switch will be released on July 13th, 2018.

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