Nintendo announces multiple pieces of content coming to Mario Kart 8

Nintendo announced multiple new pieces of content that will be coming to Mario Kart 8 during its Nintendo Direct earlier today.

First, Nintendo confirmed that the game’s second DLC pack containing Animal Crossing characters and tracks will be released on April 23rd. These characters and tracks were announced alongside the game’s first DLC pack last year, but will finally be available later this month.

Wii U - Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing Course Trailer

Second, as previously rumored, new costumes are coming to Mii characters in Mario Kart 8 by way of updated Amiibo support. Nine Amiibo figures will now be compatible with the kart racer, including the following: Mega Man, Pac-Man, Sonic, Toad, Wario, Villager, Rosalina, Olimar, and Bowser. Using any of these figures will unlock costumes for Mii characters based on the figure you use.

Wii U - Mario Kart 8 New amiibo Racing Suits Trailer

Lastly, Mario Kart 8 will be getting a new 200cc class on the same day as the Animal Crossing DLC. This mode will be the fastest available to choose from, and will be supported on all courses the game has to offer.

Wii U - Mario Kart 8 200cc is Here! Trailer

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