New Metro Exodus story trailer + Xbox One X Metro Saga Bundle

4A Games, the developer of Metro, a franchise well-known for its dark, claustrophobic environments, has decided that it’s time for a change. Metro Exodus introduces larger areas and places more emphasis on exploration, while still retaining the games’ core identity. After waging war for countless years in the tunnels below, Artyom, Anna, Miller, and a squad of battle-hardened Spartans decide that now is the time to extend their reach beyond the metro. In the new story trailer, Artyom and Anna brave new lands aboard their locomotive base, the Aurora, but they can’t seem to catch a break. Whether it’s in the iced-over streets of a ruined Moscow, or the hot sands of the Caspian desert, new threats do everything in their power to end the duo’s journey. The trailer also gives us a glimpse of some new characters and factions that don’t look particularly friendly.

Additionally, a special Xbox One X Metro Saga bundle is available as of now for pre-order. The bundle includes a 1TB Xbox One X and the entire Metro trilogy (Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux, and Metro Exodus). If you’ve yet to make the jump to the current generation, or a newcomer hoping to experience the franchise in its entirely, this bundle might be for you. The game itself arrives on February 15 later this year.

Here’s what fans can expect from the game:

  • Embark on an incredible journey – board the Aurora, a heavily modified steam locomotive, and join a handful of survivors as they search for a new life in the East
  • Experience Sandbox Survival – a gripping story links together classic Metro gameplay with new huge, non-linear levels
  • A beautiful, hostile world – discover the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness, brought to life with stunning day / night cycles and dynamic weather
  • Deadly combat and stealth – scavenge and craft in the field to customize your arsenal of hand-made weaponry, and engage human and mutant foes in thrilling tactical combat
  • Your choices determine your comrades’ fate – not all your companions will survive the journey; your decisions have consequence in a gripping storyline that offers massive re-playability
  • The ultimate in atmosphere and immersion – a flickering candle in the darkness; a ragged gasp as your gasmask frosts over; the howl of a mutant on the night wind – Metro will immerse and terrify you like no other game

For more news on Metro Exodus, and for our review of the game, stay tuned to Gaming Trend.



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