New Linksys Bridge for Gaming and Multimedia

Every year our Internet bandwidth is more important, with gaming and video streaming getting more important to our mutlimedia experience.  It’s hard for routers to keep up.  Today Cisco has announced a new bridge specially designed to handle your gaming and home theater needs, the Linksys WES610N Wireless-N Dual-Band Entertainment Bridge.

Cisco promises that this bridge will be able to handle all of your 3D streaming and HD media, as well as all the traffic needed to handle your games, by prioritizing your traffic.  It also has WPA2 Security and WPS to protect yourself from network hacking.  If you have a bunch of devices, you can connect them all to the WES610N which retails for the $129.99.  If you only have one device to work with, the WET610N would be a great option for $99.99.  The bridge works with all a/b/g/n routers, but it’s highly recommended that you pair it with a Linksys Dual Band-N router.

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