NES Classic Edition returning to store shelves on June 29th, to be easier to find until the end of the year

In a surprise announcement on Twitter, Nintendo announced that the difficult-to-find-without-paying-an-arm-and-a-leg NES Classic Edition will finally be returning to store shelves on June 29th.

Originally released for the holiday season in 2016, the NES Classic Edition features 30 NES games highlighting some of the biggest hits of the entire library such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Punch Out!!, Kirby’s Adventure, and more.

When originally released, the NES Classic Edition became a collectible, as demand was much higher than units produced. This lead to scalpers drastically inflating the price and creating near-hysteria when the SNES Classic Edition was released the following year.

While originally released for just the holiday season, Nintendo confirmed on Twitter that both the NES Classic Edition and the SNES Classic Edition will be available throughout the year. For more information and to see a full list of games available, visit the official website. Now that both Classic Editions are easier to find, why not check out Ron Burke’s review of the SNES Classic Edition?

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