NEOWIZ celebrates Lies of P success with a new accolades trailer

Following the positive reception of their latest project, NEOWIZ dropped a new trailer highlighting the various review scored they received from a number of outlets. The game’s director, Ji Won Choi shared a brief message thanking everyone for their support and hinting at more things to come in their dark fantasy take on a classic story. In our review, we scored Lies of P 95 out of 100 saying, “Lies of P is a gorgeous, bloody, unforgiving game which builds off the well-tread souls template to create a wholly original adventure that never ceases being a joy to explore and experience. With top tier combat, fantastic enemy and boss designs, and intricate and often interweaving areas to explore, the game remains fresh despite the 30+ hours required for a first playthrough. I may be a sucker for these types of games, but Lies of P hit absolutely every note needed to draw me into its often grotesque yet surprisingly emotional world. Lies of P may be based on a well-known and over told fairy tale, but watching it unfold in a mature setting with a likable cast of characters and dire stakes made the story that much more enthralling.”

The excitement felt and gratitude to the fans and media for all of the positive support is as strong today as it was when the editorial game reviews and fan feedback first began. Rest assured, we are not done with Lies of P! The first update is available now on PlayStation and PC, but that’s not all– there’s more to come. I can’t wait to share what’s next, so stay tuned!”

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