Future Seating (Mavix & X-Chair) launch all new line of ergonomic accessories

Yesterday, Future Seating, the parent company of X-Chair Office and Mavix Gaming, launched a brand new range of accessories. Future Seating is known for designing and manufacturing ergonomic office chairs and other seating solutions. Their products are designed to improve comfort and productivity in the workplace as well as the gaming space.

Among those product announcements are new standing and studio desks that feature a modern, light-scale design and a few options to customize your new desk to your liking, including different sizes, finishes, colors, and materials. To add to your desktop setup, Future Seating has monitor arms and cable management accessories to help you keep your desk area free of clutter and optimize every inch of space.

They’ve also released a new power hub with a dual-outlet setup that attaches directly to the desk with a surface mount clamp. This is a great accessory for those who have a lot going on at their setup, such as multiple monitors, and it has an 8-foot-long cable running from the hub to plug into an outlet. And, last but not least, there’s a new filing cabinet with a top-locking drawer to keep paperwork and other accessories, like your headset or controller, safe.

You can check out all of these great products, and much more, by visiting the X-Chairs Office and Mavix Gaming websites.

Studio Desk Assembly

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