Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer

As one of the launch titles for the Xbox 360, Need for Speed: Most Wanted got so much play that I can recite Josie Maran’s opening monologue about the dangers of ramming real life bridge abutments at 120 mph from memory.  Sadly, my desire to play was eventually outstripped by the skill required to succeed.  That’s the way it goes with racing games, but don’t need to finish every last challenge to feel like I get my money’s worth from them.

That’s why I can watch this blazing new trailer for a totally different game named Need for Speed: Most Wanted, resign myself to the fact that I’ll probably never earn that “Drift Challenge Complete!” message on my own, and still feel pretty amped about all the other events Criterion is showing off.  Now if they’d just bring back Josie Maran to remind everyone not to actually pitch their cars off derelict warehouses!


Need for Speed: Most Wanted — the not-Josie Maran Edition — is scheduled to arrive just in time for Halloween.

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