Move over pigs! The wolves will show you how it’s done — The Three Little Wolves is available for Pre-order now

We all know about the famous fable about the pigs but how about the tale of The Three Little Wolves! Renegade Games Studios has announced that The Three Little Wolves is available for pre-order:

You play as a family of wolves, aiming to build one to three of the tallest houses in the city by adding additional floors and basement levels. During your turn, you may play one card to increase the size of one of your houses or discard one card to send one of your wolf tokens to hide in another player’s house. Finding the right time to send out your wolves is key. Too early and you risk putting your faith in the wrong building. Too late and you may find all the tall houses claimed by other wolves! At the end of the game, the pigs will demolish the smallest house of each color, and you’ll lose points for any wolves inside.

The Three Little Wolves plays for 2-4 players in 20 minute games for ages 8+. You don’t have to wait long because you can pre-order the game right now!

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