More plague storylines please – State of Decay 2 gets new blood plague update alongside quality of life changes

State of Decay 2, the open world survival game set during the zombie apocalypse, received its latest update yesterday. Update 25 brings a number of new challenges and rewards for players to engage with as well as some much-requested quality of life changes. Watch the developer diary on Update 25 below:


  • Plague hearts now possess the territory around them, requiring you to defeat the heart before claiming nearby bases and outposts.
  • Resource outposts can now be upgraded by spending influence. This increases their benefits and unlocks skill training options.
  • Each map has a new landmark outpost, which allows you to choose one of three powerful options to benefit your community.
  • Survivors can now carry both a primary weapon and a sidearm, opening up new tactical loadout choices.
  • Community skills now share many of their advanced benefits with the entire community of survivors.

Resource outposts — those that grant an income of food, fuel, or another resource — can now be upgraded to unlock increased benefits and skill training options for your community.

  • Each resource outpost offers a progression of two upgrades, with escalating costs and requirements.
  • The second-tier upgrade doubles the resource income and offers a skill-training action that grants you ready access to strategic skills like Medicine, Mechanics, and Computers.
  • A fully-upgraded resource outpost now offers three units of that resource each day (or more, in the case of Food outposts at higher difficulty levels).

Each map now also features a single landmark outpost — a unique claimable site that offers three distinct strategies, each providing a powerful benefit to your community.

  • Some landmark outposts offer a choice of three distinct benefits, while others offer a single benefit, but allow you to choose which cost to pay.
  • You select your initial strategy when you claim the outpost, but you can change it later from the base screen.

One of the most requested quality of life upgrades is the ability to swap from a ranged weapon to a sidearm. This change is now finally live as a part of Update 25.

For the full list of the changes and additions to the game coming in Update 25, check out the patch notes.

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