Mobius Final Fantasy passes one million downloads

Square Enix’s latest mobile game to hit the west, Mobius Final Fantasy has passed one million downloads worldwide (outside of Japan) in its first week on the App store and Google Play store. This is great news for Square Enix ahead of the launch of their latest entry in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV, showcasing consumer demand for the Final Fantasy series ahead of the anticipated game’s September launch.

Along with the news of Mobius Final Fantasy surpassing one million downloads outside of Japan, the team behind Mobius Final Fantasy have been hard at work to fix and improve the game as it becomes more popular. Below are some of the latest features and fixes in the latest update:

  • Distilled magicite will no longer expire after 14 days.
  • Greater Ability Summon will be added to the Summon Cards lineup and will cost 3,000 magicite. The “Greater Ability Summon” will summon a set of six Ability Cards.
  • The Mobius Gift Box will now contain additional items. The full list of item is as follows:
    • Summon Ticket x 6
    • GrowStar x 1
    • Ability TIcket x 20
    • Elixir x 5
    • Phoenix Down x 5
    • Crystal x 5
    • Spirit Ticket x 1
    • Extranger x 1
    • Mog Amulet x 1

If you’d like to check out Final Fantasy Mobius, be sure to download it for iOS and Android. If mobile games aren’t your thing, remember that the 10 year wait for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV is right around the corner.

While you wait at Cidney’s workshop before hitting the road with your Final Fantasy boy band, be sure to check out the latest information on season pass details.

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