Minecraft hits Xbox Game Pass, will receive updates same time as other Bedrock versions

Xbox Game Pass has built its library up even more with one of the most successful games to reach the platform, Minecraft. Going forward, the popular sandbox game will receive all updates that the other Bedrock versions of the game receive at the same time.

Minecraft, which has cross-play between Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Gear VR, iOS and Android, is officially available to play with Xbox Game Pass today! With Minecraft’s arrival, Xbox Game Pass is expanding its existing set of family-friendly titles, so there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. We’re excited to add a game with 91 million monthly active players to the library and are delighted to bring gamers together to create new ways to play.

At Minecraft, we want to have as few barriers to entry as possible and are always listening to community feedback to look for new ways to provide gamers the best value and choice. That’s why, with so many amazing additions to the game, including content updates like the Update Aquatic and the upcoming Village & Pillage update later this month, there’s no better time to bring the Minecraft and Xbox Game Pass communities together.

Xbox Game Pass owners will receive Minecraft with the full Bedrock update and all updates going forward as they are released on Xbox One simultaneously. Currently, the first month of Xbox Game Pass is $1, with the price increasing to $9.99 for every subsequent month. For more information, visit the Minecraft website.


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