Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition gets DLSS 2.0 and new RTX features next week

You’ve heard me sing the praises on Deep Learning Super Sampling 2.0 (DLSS) since it was launched in March of last year. Since then, team NVIDIA has worked hand-in-hand with quite a few developers to build the technology into their games, boosting framerates significantly with no discernable fidelity loss. It’s pretty much framerate magic, and I’m all about it. Well, today we go back to the beginning as NVIDIA and developer 4A Games go back to the very first title to support RTX and have enabled DLSS 2.0 on the update for their best selling game, Metro Exodus. In this PC Enhanced Edition, set to launch on May 5th, they’ve also added a bevy of brand new ray-traced features including reflections, global illumination, and emissive lighting.  Here’s a quick post from NVIDIA on the subject.

You’ll see a Game Ready Driver pop up this morning, bringing with it additional support for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Resident Evil Village, and 5 new G-SYNC compatible displays from AOC, Asus, Phillips, and Samsung to round things out.

It’s hard to argue when you see this level of support for a game that came out in February of 2019, but if you missed it the first time around, there’s no better way to experience it. The team at Digital Foundry did an extensive 40 minute deep dive on the new features for the game, showcasing the phenomenal work 4A and NVIDIA have put in. Don’t miss it.

Exclusive: Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Analysis - The First Triple-A Game Built Around Ray Tracing

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be free to anyone who purchased the base game, releasing on May 5th.

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