Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack DLC Announced

Bioware has announced the upcoming release of the first multiplayer downloadable content for Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack will add new maps, weapons, and characters to the game and seems to be particularly geared towards cooperative play. There will also be a variety of new items and consumables added, including new “reinforcement packs” available for purchase that contain items to help your gameplay. The full list of content in the Resurgence Pack is after the jump.

The Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack includes the following content:

  • Two New Action-Packed Maps – Take the battle to Firebase Condor, a warzone outpost located on one of Palaven’s moons and Firebase Hydra, an old abandoned quarian colony which has since been converted into a critical power facility. Each map represents a crucial asset in the overall fight against the Reapers.
  • Six Powerful New Unlockable Characters – Assume the role of new characters for each class, including the Asari Justicar Adept, Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard and characters from new playable races with the Batarian Soldier, Batarian Sentinel, Geth Engineer and Geth Infiltrator.
  • Lethal New Weapons – Obliterate wave after wave of enemies by unlocking the Striker Assault Rifle, Kishock Harpoon Gun and Geth Plasma SMG.
  • New Consumables – Cash in your credits to purchase reinforcement packs that could include the following new consumables: * Strength Enhancer – Applies a melee damage boost for one mission * Targeting VI – Applies a headshot damage bonus for one mission * Stabilization Module – Stabilizes weapons while firing and moving for one mission * Shield Power Cells – Shortens the length of time shields take to begin recharging for one mission

It remains to be seen if the reinforcement packs will be worth the credits, but it’s a good amount of content and fans of the game are likely to enjoy the new gameplay possibilities it offers. The extra content will be available on Origin, XBLA, and PSN on April 10, 2012.

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