Make some wood as Lumberjack’s Dynasty heads into Early Access this week

Are you ready to make the biggest haul of wood with your own two hands? Topliz Productions has recently announced that it will release its simulation game Lumberjack’s Dynasty for PC via Steam Early Access on April 30. The game will allow you to maintain your own forest and sell your prized timber while upgrading equipment.

Lumberjack’s Dynasty, the latest in Toplitz Productions’ Dynasty series of games, which includes Farmer’s Dynasty, Medieval Dynasty, and Trucker’s Dynasty, challenges you to take a failing homestead, restore it, and then use it as a home base for your timber business. Do you have what it takes to build that small family business into a dynasty to last for generations?

Lumberjack’s Dynasty combines the traditional life simulation genre with elements of the role-playing genre, creating a modern forestry simulation game. Players are challenged with the goal of managing forests, harvesting timber, and producing high-quality lumber and other products for sale. They will get behind the controls of heavy logging equipment and harvest prime timber as they grow to become major producers in the lumber industry while ensuring the prosperity of their family for generations to come — creating a true dynasty!

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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