Make a resolution to play more Switch games with the Nindies New Year sale

Whether it’s looking back at old classics or bringing in new ones, we here at Gaming Trend hope you’re having some great gaming goals. A whole slew of independent developers have banded together to release a horde of discounts for the Nintendo Switch, dubbed the Nindies New Year sale. From now until January 15, nine games will be discounted up to 35 percent for those interested in some recent indie darlings.

The games included in the sale are Death Squared (25% off), GoNNER (30% off), Graceful Explosion Machine (30% off), INVERSUS Deluxe (35% off), Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (33% off), Semispheres (30% off), Severed (33 % off), Thimbleweed Park (25% off), and Thumper (33% off).

In addition to the discounts, a giveaway is currently underway, with one lucky winner receiving digital copies for all nine games. Check out our Switch reviews for Death Squared, Graceful Explosion Machine, and Thumper, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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