Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond Fallout Preview

Wizards of the Coast showed off new cards and reprints for the four new Fallout Commander decks releasing March 8th. Each deck is full of Fallout lore for anyone who wants to explore the wasteland. The new card designs reflect the many stories of the Fallout universe and the reprints feature new Fallout themed artwork. Here are some of the exciting new cards and flavorful reprints:


Scrappy Survivors

Scavenge everything you need to survive the wasteland with Dogmeat, Ever Loyal as your Commander along with these new cards:

Three new cards for the Scrappy Survivors deck

Reprints for the Scrappy Survivors deck


Harness the power of technology and energy with Dr. Madison Li as your Commander:

Five new cards for the Science! deck

Reprints for the Science! deck

Mutant Menace

Show humanity their time has ended with The Wise Mothman as your Commander:

Two new cards and a reprint for the Mothman deck

Hail, Caesar

Conquer your enemies with ruthless efficiency with Caesar, Legion’s Emperor as your Commander:

Two new cards and one reprint for the Hail Caesar deck

Showcase Frames

In addition to the cards specific to the four Commander decks we also saw some of the cards you can find in the Collector Boosters. With the alternate showcase frame featuring the Pip Boy frames and the iconic Vault Boy.

Showcase frames for Fallout the Pip Boy and the Vault Boy

Everyone needs an Arcane Signet and the Showcase frame for Idolized


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