Level Up rolls out new sets at Seattle and Chicago conventions

Level Up Dice has kicked off the early convention season in style with four new sets of high-end dice. Last week at Emerald City Comic Con they unveiled two new Tru Stone releases- Pyrite Malachite and Silver Lime Green Imperial Jasper.

Tru Stone Pyrite Malachite

Tru Stone is approximately 80% stone, 20% Resin. This means a few things. It allows us to roll the beauty of natural stone dice, with some of the durability of a Resin or Plastic dice. It also gives us the unique opportunity to combine stones. This is evidenced by these two Tru Stones in particular. Malachite and Pyrite combine to create a hefty tru stone with a velvety green coloration. Silver combines with light green stone to create a bright and bold set of dice to be the highlight of any collection.

Silver Lime Green Imperial Jasper

This week they have rolled into Chigaco’s C2E2 with another Tru Stone set and a new addition to their Precision Aluminum line, Toxic Diametric

Tru Stone Lapis Malachite

These dice are designed to not only look beautiful, but provide an almost perfect distribution of rolls 1-20. They are Dual Anodized, both inside of the new HP Font numbers, as well as on the surface of the dice itself. Anodization is a unique process that allows us to get very vibrant color combinations. It’s a manipulation of the oxidation process, highly controlled, producing breathtaking results.

Toxic Diametric Aluminum

Don’t worry if you missed these sets last week or this week- they’ll be available on their site approximately a month after release.

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