Larger than life, but dangerous to touch — New Seeking Dawn gameplay, dated for next week

Today, Multiverse Inc announced that it will release Seeking Dawn for VR platforms on PC on July 12. The multiplayer survival game will feature some dangerous creatures and flora that will do anything to destroy you in glorious VR fashion.

Sweeping alien skylines, malignant native flora and fauna with a voracious hunger for anything with a pulse, and a deep crafting and base building system are just some of the highlights featured in new gameplay footage released by Multiverse Inc. from their highly anticipated, multiplayer Survival-Adventure, Seeking Dawn.

“We’ve been developing Seeking Dawn for over two years now, ensuring that we take the time to push VR to another level and provide not just a couple hours of one-off experience, but a fully fleshed out game that would hold up when compared to console titles. We didn’t want to rely on VR as an afterthought ‘gimmick’, but instead use it as a new tool in our arsenal to tell an engaging and immersive story. We’re already hard at work to provide players post-launch DLC and upgrades to enhance replayability,” says Freeman Fan, CEO of Multiverse.

Check out the gameplay video above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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