Konami and Bloober Team announce “strategic cooperation agreement” that may result in a new Silent Hill game

Today, Konami and Bloober Team announced a strategic cooperation  agreement that would see them both cooperating in the development of content and the exchange of know-how. Bloober Team is known for its work on games with horrific elements, and Konami’s Silent Hill franchise has been sitting for a long time. It was not long before it was reported that one of the projects Bloober Team agreed to work on was a new Silent Hill game. At this point it is hard to verify these claims, however, it would make sense that Bloober Team would contribute their horror chops to the franchise.

“We look forward to combining Bloober Team’s and our respective characteristics and strengths to create high-quality contents,” said Hideki Hayakawa, Representative Director at Konami Digital Entertainment. It is apparent that Konami seeks to utilize the strengths of Bloober Team, which obviously lie firmly in the horror genre.

Bloober Team has previously worked on games such as The Medium, Layers of Fear, and Blair Witch. Most recently, The Medium was met with fairly positive reviews, including our own which you can view here. Whether Bloober Team is the right developer team for the job remains to be seen, but there is reason to hope that they might do a good job with the long dormant franchise.

This news also comes at a time when many are theorizing that Hideo Kojima might be using Blue Box Studios as a front for his new horror game. Whatever the case, it seems that Silent Hill is on the horizon.

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