KLEVV Enters the DDR5 Market with High-Powered RGB Memory

DDR5 was shockingly hard to get at launch, and even up till about two months ago it was still a challenge.  The chip shortage has eased a little bit, and we are starting to see manufacturers hit their second gear with fresh new speeds, lower latency, and of course, RGB.  Today we’ve got our first look at a fresh entry from KLEVV, a fairly new player in the space.  Dubbed the CRAS XR5 RGB, this new memory kit aims to hit upwards of 6200 MT/s, and have a fresh approach to lighting.  Let’s check out their video:


While they did include a press release, I feel like they buried the lead.  This newest RAM kit also includes ECC.  If you are unfamiliar, this is Error Correction Code — a technique to allow the memory to handle an error without bluescreening or crashing an application or game.  As you can see in this video, this is baked directly into the memory — something you absolutely want, but hopefully never have to use or see.

There are a few additional advantages that DDR5 brought to the market, and hardware manufacturers have been able to implement them under a banner called XMP 3.0. This “extreme memory performance” profile adds some additional checksums to help memory reach higher speeds while remaining stable, as well as additional voltage controls to assist with overclocking. The best news is that, if your motherboard supports it, you can enable all this with a single toggle.

Back to the CRAS XR5, it will support XMP 3.0, and is rated in two packages — a 6000MT/s or 6200MT/s or speed option, and will be only be available in 16×2 kits for 32GB of memory total.  While they may be a newcomer to the space, they also are shipping this new hardware with a limited lifetime warranty, so you’ve got peace of mind on top of what appears to be some very solid engineering.  While shipping initially in Europe, we can expect to see the CRAS XR kits to hit the US Market in the coming months.  We’ve reached out to KLEVV for official pricing and will update with that and US availability when that becomes available.

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