Join in as Amplitude invites players to participate in Humankind’s development

Ever want to be a part of the development of a game and have your voices heard?  OpenDev is Amplitude’s new approach to community-driven development.  It allows players to join the dev team and help share the game during its production.

Starting now, players can register for the chance to get access to 3 time-limited scenarios focusing on specific core features of the game (exploration, tactical battles, basic city management). Throughout the summer, scenarios will be released one at a time, and additional players will gain access with each new scenario drop. Any new access granted will include access to all the previous scenarios.

Each scenario concludes with a game design survey that will help our dev team level-up the game.

Registration takes place through our unique game co-creation platform, Games2Gether, and participation is completely free!   Apply now to be a part of open Dev or watch the trailer.

For more information about Humankind visit

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