Jagged Alliance Online Starts Closed Beta Registration; Releases Four Screenshots

Jagged Alliance Online

Cliffhanger Productions is promising that when their new browser-based version of the classic Jagged Alliance series goes live, strategy veterans will be pleased by how faithfully they’ve updated the beloved franchise.  Many more missions, base management, and a fresh 3D engine are all on the docket, but at its core, they’ve been clear about their intent to retain the mixture of real-time and turn-based tactical game play that made the original releases so popular.  Curious about their progress so far?  Now players will have a chance to give some feedback on the project by signing up for the game’s upcoming closed beta at the publisher’s website.

Can a modern browser-based edition of Jagged Alliance work, or would they have been better off using the license to create a first-person shooter like 2K Games’ XCOM?  Check out these four screenshots and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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