It’s a worldwide brawl as the Tekken World Tour begins this April (Update)

Update (March 3, 2020): The Tokyo Tekken Masters Tournament has been postponed until further notice due to issues surrounding the Coronavirus. Bandai Namco has released a official statement:

Stemming from a position of caution and in an effort to safeguard the health and safety of competitors, event staff, and live tournament audience members from possible exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19); BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. has made the difficult decision to postpone its Tokyo TEKKEN Masters Tournament to a later date in 2020.

Due to the highly dynamic nature surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak which has had global health implications, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. will take every possible consideration into account prior to rescheduling the Tokyo TEKKEN Masters Tournament. Our goal and focus is to provide safe and healthy conditions for all of our tournaments to take place.  

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It’s time to rule with an iron fist… the King of the Iron Fist, in fact! Bandai Namco has announced that its fifth global Tekken World Tour will begin this April in Japan, with over 30 events available. The worldwide event will culminate at the grand finals in New Orleans, so get your Tekken 7 skills up to snuff!

With millions of units sold worldwide, TEKKEN 7 continues to bring more fighters into the fold. For 2020 the TEKKEN World Tour returns for its fifth season which will visit over 30 events across different categories including: Masters, Challengers, and Dojo levels. All of this high level TEKKEN 7 tournament action will be spread around the globe, with some favorite locations returning and some new locations being added based on fan feedback. Kicking off this year’s tour will be the Tokyo TEKKEN Masters Tournament taking place on April 4-5!

All of the competitive play, all of the rivalries, all of the drama, and all of the cash will then culminate at the TEKKEN World Tour Finals which will make its grand return to the USA in December when all of the best TEKKEN 7 players from around the globe converge upon New Orleans, Louisiana on December 12-13 to fight for cash and glory; and with over $200,000 on-the-line, the stakes are going to be high!

Who will be crowned the new King of the Iron Fist in 2020? Stay tuned to find out!

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