It’s a bit of a fixer upper, Castle Flipper heads to PC this month, consoles to follow

Yesteday, Pyramid Games in cooperation with Ultimate Games SA announced that its simulation building game Castle Flipper will head to PC via Steam on May 27, with console releases on Xbox and PlayStation consoles to follow. The game will allow you to take control of a budding decorator as you help renovate castles to revitalize the kingdom.

Take the unique chance of becoming a medieval royal craftsman. Build your royal abode, re-arrange the castle at your discretion, breathe a whole new life into the old rooms, and, one day, maybe even become a king.

Castle Flipper takes place at the turn of the 16th and 17th century, which is of significant importance to the decor and renovation options gamers will have at their disposal. Next to the usual medieval buildings, they will also be able to find some baroque and renaissance elements that will add variety to the gameplay and give players more options for interior decoration.

Become a medieval builder – build your own kingdom and customize it to your liking. Start with your own inherited piece of bare land, then work as a craftsman to clean, repair, build, and decorate medieval, renaissance, and baroque buildings and castles. Visit beautiful locations, work hard, and maybe one day the saying “my home is my castle” will have a literal meaning to your royal self.

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