I came in like a wrecking ball (and chain) with a new sneak peak mission from Shadow Warriors 3

Today, Devolver Digital released a new trailer showcasing a second mission for the upcoming Shadow Warrior 3, which will be released later this year for PC. The new mission is titled That Damn Dam, which requires a new tool to dispatch enemies.

Devolver Digital today showcased a second new mission from Shadow Warrior 3, ‘That Damn Dam.’ The mission showcases, besides plenty of carnage, new weapons and a massive Wrecking Ball to take out hordes of enemies with!

This video features a frenetic journey to the top of the titular dam where Lo Wang does battle with the Seeking Shokera, a flying enemy from which the Seeking Eye, a new Gore Weapon, can be torn and turned against multiple enemies! Finally, The Damn Dam features further environmental carnage with The Wrecking Ball – a skyscraper sized tower with which Lo Wang can wipe out scores of enemies using expert timing and a giant spiked ball-and-chain.

Check out the video above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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