IOGEAR unveils fresh gaming, capture, and productivity gear at CES 2022

CES 2022 has kicked off, and IOGEAR has a big slate of new goodies to share for the year ahead. Kicking things off, IOGEAR’s UpStream products will receive a big update from their previous efforts from 2019, offering more streamlined streaming solutions to match new consoles. The UpStream Game Capture Adapter will feature [email protected] HDR passthrough, as well as capture at [email protected] to a laptop or PC. At 1440p, you’ll be able to push even higher at 144Hz, with 1080p giving streamers a whopping 240Hz — perfect for capturing those high-refresh rate eSports moments. It also ties directly into party chat to grab your favorite moments. This capture system will be ready to ship in March of 2022 for $199.

Another update comes to their existing KeyMander line with a new device IOGEAR is calling the Nexus Gaming KVM. More than a simple keyboard and mouse sharing utility, this new hardware will also allow you to share your video at [email protected] between your PC and your game consoles. This means you can use your keyboard and mouse on the Xbox Series X and S, the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch! It also has a built in DAC to punch up the audio. The KeyMander app will also allow you to custom map your keys, add macros, and even make adjustments in real time. It’ll be interesting to be able to play my Nintendo Switch with an Xbox One controller. The KeyMander Nexus Gaming KVM is set to ship Q2 of 2022 at a $199 price point.

To go along with their other products, there are a handful of new goodies like a USB-C compact dock with a whopping 11 ports and 100W pass-through, a powerful new 20W USB smartphone charger, a 4K dock, brushed aluminum mechanical keyboards, and a stand that looks like a must-have for laptop owners. Let’s get into those.

The 4K dock may have an unimaginative name (USB-C Universal Quad 4K Docking station) but that name tells you precisely what it does. Built for productivity, it’ll support four monitors via HDMI and DisplayPort ports, a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) and three USB-A USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) ports. It also has a gigabit ethernet port, an SD/Micro SD slot, dual power (DC or Type-C PD), and even a USB-A QC 3.0 charging port. Coming in March, the team hasn’t yet announced a price point, but this compact dock has an impossible amount of connectivity options. It’ll be a huge boon to anyone who does graphic work, or just wants to have full desktop connectivity without all the desk clutter.

The last goodie, again uncreatively named “USB-C Docking Station Stand”, reminds me of the cheap $20 stand I use to keep my laptop elevated and angled to maximize airflow…but it has a whole lot hidden inside. Folding up neatly to fit in a backpack, this little device has an HDMI port, two USB-A 5Gbps ports, a USB-C port for data (5Gbps) and another for PD charging at up to 100W pass-through charging, and a gigabit RJ45 jack. Unlike my cheapy dock, this one also has five adjustment points from 15 to 36 degrees to fit any position you might find comfortable. No price was announced for this ultra-compact wonderdock, but it’s set to ship in March of 2022.

With all of these products, it’s clear that IOGEAR is staking a claim in the productivity and streaming space. Sleek designs and connectivity galore should make for some great new gear, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. Stay tuned right here at for our eventual reviews!

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