Insomniac Shows Off Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad Co-op

Insomniac Shows Off Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad Co-op

Insomniac Games has released a new video detailing Sunset Overdrive’s cooperative mode called Chaos Squad.

The eight player co-op mode can be accessed any time from the game’s single player campaign by entering a photo booth you’ll find somewhere in the game’s open world. Once you’re in the photo booth your single player character will be able to join up with seven friends and pick between two missions to play through. After you finish the mission your group decides on you’ll be offered two more to pick from.

After you and your friends finish those two missions you’ll begin Night Defense mode, which is similar to a Horde mode where you and your friends will fight waves of enemies, and even set up traps in the environment to keep them at bay. The intensity of the enemies in Night Defense will be determined by the level of destruction your group of eight culminates over the course of the previous two missions.

Insomniac Shows Off Sunset Overdrive's Chaos Squad Co-op
Sunset Overdrive is slated for release exclusively for Xbox One on October 28th. For more on Insomniac’s next game, check out our preview from this year’s E3.

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