Indie publisher tinyBuild bringing six titles to Nintendo Switch later this year

Recently, the indie game publisher and developer, tinyBuild, announced the #HelloSwitch event where six different games will be released on the Nintendo Switch over the next year. This lineup includes a release of last year’s hit horror game, Hello Neighbor.

None of these six games has a set release date, but tinyBuild has announced the price and release window for each title along with features to come with the games:

  • The Final Station – February, 2018 – $14.99 – Includes The Final Traitor DLC.
  • Cluster Truck – March, 2018 – $14.99
  • Punch Club – May, 2018 – $14.99 – The Dark Fist DLC included in some packages.
  • Party Hard – Summer 2018 – $14.99
  • Streets of Rogue – Later this year – $14.99
  • Hello Neighbor – Later this year (hopefully) – $39.99 – Will include all extra updates.

The Final Station will be the first of these six games and is expected to be released before the end of February. For more information on each of these games, or to each game’s respective trailer, visit the official tinyBuild website.

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