ICYMI: All the incredible games announced at last week’s Game Awards

It’s a new week with The Game Awards in our rearview mirror, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to leave them behind. After all, some amazing games were shown off on the big stage, and these are all incoming, whether through shadow drops or future releases. Check out all the great announcements below!

Exodus, sci-fi game from former Mass Effect veterans, announced by Matthew McConaughey

This is a personal favorite. Coming from the same minds that created one of the best sci-fi trilogies in recent memory, Exodus looks to bear the same DNA. The world building already looks amazing, with creatures and powers and a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff to boot. It doesn’t have a release date, but you can sign up for news on their website.

Dave the Diver teams up with Dredge

Crossovers are pretty standard, but this one was insane. Dave the Diver has a bit more of a lighthearted charm to it, so adding the creepy nature of Dredge spins things in another light. It’ll be one of the more out there crossovers, and it’s out later this week (December 15th)!

God of War Ragnarok gets a roguelite

Another unexpected turn of events. We’d heard rumors of a “Miles Morales” type spinoff game, but getting a roguelite added to Ragnarok, and for free no less, is huge. Even better, it’s out today (December 12th)!

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown jumps into demo mode in January

We really enjoyed Prince of Persia’s newest outing when we tried it at Summer Games Fest earlier this year. You’ll get the chance to try it out shortly, arriving in less than a month on January 11th. There was also a new trailer commemorating it and giving us a few new looks at the game.

Windblown is the newest game from the Dead Cells studio

You can ask everyone in my chat, I was really surprised by this. Cutesy anime creatures all of the sudden being ripped apart in an Invincible-esque manner. That seems par for the course for Motion Twin, and you know the gameplay will be crisp in this upcoming co-op rogue-like.

The Outlast Trials gets a March release

While it’s been in early access for a bit, Red Barrels has decided it’s time to jump into the wild. The Outlast Trials trailer revealed a March 5th release date, in a gruesome show that turns the gut. It may not be my thing, but fans of the series will be excited to reach the end of the line and dive into the full game.

Moon Studios grows and glows up in No Rest For The Wicked

Known as the creators of Ori, this wasn’t expected in the slightest. The much darker and bloodier tone of No Rest For The Wicked impresses, with a crusades-ish spin for an ARPG. There’s a lot to like in the unique aesthetic and setting, so mark this one on your calendars.

Jurassic Park returns in a big way

It’s not often a canceled game gets a second greenlight, but I’m excited this one did. In one of the most stunning trailers I’ve ever seen, Jurassic Park: Survival was announced, an action-adventure game from Saber Interactive. As with most reveals, we don’t know more than the pretty CGI trailer, but this is one I can’t wait to play.

Dragon Ball sparks new new trailer that lights up the stage

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new mainline Dragon Ball game. Wait no longer, with Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero coming soon. We don’t know much, but this is a continuation of the Dragon Ball: Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Doesn’t matter if you’re “Ready or Not”, full game shadowdrops out of early access

This was a fun one in preview, and it’s been in early access for some time. Now, you can jump right into the full game, with a trailer revealing it being available now. It reminds me a lot of Rainbow Six, but even more tactical in nature.

Marvel’s Blade coming to Xbox from Bethesda

Most definitely one of the bigger surprises. The main vampire/vampire hunter himself will be strolling the streets of Paris, cleaning up the bloodsuckers. It’s sure to be a violent one, but it’ll be a second before we see this one again I’d think.

The First Beserker: Khazan coming from DNF

Coming from Nexon, this fast paced brawler got it’s first trailer. It kind of has Nier X God of War vibes to it. We’ll see this one come to PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC soon.

The Last Sentinel debuts stunning trailer

I’m a sucker for sci-fi, cyberpunk style games. This blends both in the best ways possible, with a robot police force banging on the door of what looks to be a orphanage cared for by nuns. I was wondering how in the world the nun was holding the door closed, but as soon as she was bashed to the floor, the wounds revealed her to be a robot as well. There’s a lot of action past that, and I can’t wait to see what comes of this upcoming open-world game.

Asgard’s Wrath 2 launches December 15th

A new trailer gave us a clear picture of the upcoming Asgard’s Wrath game. This VR game is certainly a showcase for what VR is capable of, and even though you have to experience it to understand what the trailer is conveying, it still looks pretty. With a stellar cast featuring the likes of Matt Mercer and Tessa Thompson, this should be a fun romp under the helmet.

Palia is headed to the Switch

Another surprise, Palia is something that feels right on the Switch. It looks like an Animal Crossing style game, maybe mixed with elements of Stardew Valley. We previewed it on PC earlier this year, check that out as you look at the info revealed last week.

Kojima takes the stage with Jordan Peele to unviel OD

We’ve seen all the rumors that this is just Silent Hills in disguise, and even if it is, that’s fine with us. In any case, OD looks like it’s straight out of Kojima’s head, promising a marrying of movie and game along with cloud-powered design. How it will actually play is yet to be seen, but with easter eggs abounding PT might be a good reference point.

Final Fantasy XVI gets not one, but two DLCs

We weren’t even expecting a single new offering from Final Fantasy XVI, so two is a treat. The first shadowdropped, Echoes of the Fallen, and we’ll have impressions soon. The second, The Rising Tide, looks huge, and will be available next spring.

Alan Wake 2 gets New Game Plus announced at show

It wasn’t a trailer, but a mention from Game Director Kyle Rowley. While accepting the Best Game Direction Award, Rowley finished the speech by revealing New Game Plus would arrive December 11th. Go check it out now!

Time to cry again, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is coming back

This is a heartwrenching tale, and of course it’s coming from Josef Fares. Technically another studio is remaking it, but you get the drift. Brothers is a very unique game, so it’s nice to see another generation getting to experience it in a fresh way.

Usual June revealed, wouldn’t surprise with a June release date

It didn’t get an actual release date, but I’d love if they kept with the June moniker for it. Continuing on the trend of new IP, Usual June is coming from the team behind Tunic, and with that kind of pedigree this could be special. We’ll hopefully see more soon, but the game is planned to release in 2025.

Atlus shows off two games, Metaphor: ReFantazio and Persona 3 Reload

Always a favorite of the people, Atlus had two great trailers to present at TGAs. Persona 3 Reload is coming in hot on February 2nd, and you don’t have to wait too long for Metaphor, which will drop in Fall 2024. Keep an eye out as well, more Metaphor: ReFantazio news is incoming.

The Casting of Frank Stone might be the best team up ever in gaming

I’ve seen a lot of great collaborations in my life, but this one takes the cake. The Casting of Frank stone involves the IP of Dead by Daylight. In a twist, it’s being done by Supermassive Games, the team behind The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Big Walk might be the weirdest game I’ve seen

When you see this is being made by House House, you know it’s going to be something else. It is indeed, with the creators of Untitled Goose Game bringing the weird. The characters make me think of the bird Homer Simpson has in the episode where he gets fat to work from home, you know, the one that presses the key for him. That’s all I really have, with this open world co-op game in a realistic but not realistic looking environment going to be a phenomena in the space.

The First Descendant is coming Summer 2024

The beta was fun, and the release isn’t very far away. In a gorgeous cinematic trailer that was reminiscent of Death Stranding, we see some crazy fights that end with the Summer 2024 window. If the trailer is anything to go by, maybe we’ll get some Shadow of the Colossus size battles? Here’s hoping.

Exoborne braves the apocalyptic United States in reveal trailer

My first thought was how this reminded me of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Which isn’t a bad thing by the way, I loved Advanced Warfare. Here though, you’ll be fighting both other players and the elements to survive a weather ridden U.S. in a tactical extraction shooter. While these can be a dime a dozen, I love the premise Exoborne is bringing to the party.

DON’T NOD inserts a new VHS in Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

In what looks to be another chapter/spiritual successor to the Life is Strange series, Lost Records is coming in late 2024. The art style is on point, but the passing of time, especially nearly three decades, that is referenced in the trailer is a bit of a new twist. With some Stranger Things vibes present, it’ll be intriguing how this story unfolds.

Skull and Bones sails into a new release date in February

We’ll see if this one sticks, but with a February release and a closed beta we can be hopeful. The game is only releasing on current gen consoles and PC, with several editions that have various bonuses, including three day early access. If it can reach the heights of the ship battling of Assassin’s Creed IV, we’ll be in for a fun time.

New Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League trailer dives into the villains… heroes? Hero villains?

Corruption can affect anyone, and The Justice League is no different. This may be a little out of their control, with Brainiac infecting them. In the newest trailer we see them in action, with Wonder Woman seemingly the only one freed of this control. We might truly have to kill them from what we’re seeing, and it’s right around the corner in February.

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU brings the vibes

Abubakar Salim of Surgent Studios (also Bayek from AC: Origins) took the stage with an emotional speech to reveal Tales of Kenzera: ZAU. This fast-paced side scroller looks fantastic, inspired by Abubakar’s struggles with losing his father. I’m so glad to see EA Originals continue, and if the quality of what we’ve gotten before is any indication, this one will be amazing.

Surprise sequel! The Rise of the Golden Idol revealed

A true classic, The Case of the Golden Idol is a unique detective game. We knew it did well, and it’s even better to see a sequel announced so quickly. You can check out the original game in your browser to prep for The Rise of the Golden Idol, which is coming in 2024.

Den Of Wolves invades TGAs with it’s first trailer

Ron Burke got to preview this game at an event last week, and it looks fire! Coming from the minds behind Payday, this heist game looks to return to it’s roots but with a fresh spin. That spin, robbing cyberpunk corporations. That’s enough to sell me.

The Finals drops onto PC

I’ve got it installed, now if I can find the time to play it. Jackson Lustberg checked this one out, with a new map in Vegas coming to the game. The Finals is free-to-play, so what’s your excuse not to jump in?

Stay tuned to GamingTrend for all of the future news and info for this Game Awards class!

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