Hunt for prey with your opponents in Hitman 2’s new Ghost Mode

It seems that Warner Bros Interactive and IO Interactive are getting in the spooky mood, as they have revealed that the upcoming Hitman 2 will have a new Ghost Mode for competitive assassins when the game is released on November 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Opening up in the Miami locale of the game first, players will race to take out their targets first.

Agent 47 is the world’s deadliest assassin, and the only person who can match him in skill, stealth and execution is… himself. Therefore, Ghost Mode allows two players to compete against each other online, both as Agent 47, to assassinate the most targets in a match. At the start of each round, both players begin side-by-side and must race to take out the same targets faster and cleaner than their opponent, while utilizing weapons, items, outfits and ghost crate supply drops along the way to help accomplish the overall mission.

The unique twist with Ghost Mode in HITMAN 2 is that players will simultaneously hunt targets while in the same location and can see a “ghost” version of their rival gamer to track progress against their own, but they exist in separate realities unaffected by the actions of their adversary. In Ghost Mode, the player who can outsmart, outplay and outkill their opponent by eliminating five targets first, will declare victory.

Please note, Ghost Mode will be available for the Miami location when HITMAN 2 launches on November 13. Ghost Mode will subsequently become available for additional HITMAN 2 locations, as well as other World of Assassination locations, post-launch.

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