Humble Indie Bundle V Now Available

Normally, I choose not to post about the various Humble Bundles because of how much I hate charity.  As if everyone isn’t just pretending to be selfless to make me look bad!  But when the five bundled games are this amazing, I suppose it’s worth a news post even if the proceeds are going to help sick children.

Humble Indie Bundle V features five modern masterpieces and their soundtracks. Experience the fear and paranoia of Amnesia: The Dark Descent; the intensity and impact of LIMBO; the zany characters of Psychonauts; the future-retro, audiovisual concoction of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP; and, for customers who pay more than the average price, the exquisitely crafted action-RPG, Bastion.

It’s a good thing this isn’t a Pay What It’s Worth dealie or no one would be able to afford it.  Luckily it’s still a Pay What You Want event, as Tim Schafer and Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham explain in this announcement trailer:


Humble Indie Bundle V


The Humble Indie Bundle V, which seems to have surpassed the $1 million mark as I write this very sentence, is scheduled to remain available for the next fourteen days.  Full details are available on the official website.

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