How will you lead – political strategy game, Suzerain out now on Switch

Suzerain, the political strategy game that sees you play as the president of the fictional country of Sordland, is now available on Nintendo Switch after its previous launch on PC in December 2020.

In the game, you will play through President Anton Rayne’s first term as he grapples with the challenges that come with leading a nation. You will be expected to make hard choices that affect both the nation and you as an individual.

Will you reform the constitution, transforming the Republic into a brutal dictatorship or true democracy? Align yourself with the capitalist of communist superpowers? Prepare for potential military threats on the horizon? Address racial minorities, women’s rights, the ongoing recession, immigration and all the other challenges and opportunities presented to a world leader.

Suzerain is available on Switch now with a 20% discount that lasts until September 30. We liked Suzerain when it initially launched, so check out our review of Suzerain’s PC version here. Assuming the Switch port avoids any tricky bugs or stability issues, fans of the strategy genre should definitely take a look at the game.

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