Here’s what’s coming in Season 4 Reloaded of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone

This season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone has seemingly gone by really fast. With less than three weeks left however, Season 4’s Reloaded update is on it’s way. It’s a pretty big one too, bringing a collaboration with The Boys in the form of bundles and even a special Field Upgrade briefcase in Warzone that will grant you super powers. Check out all the intel below straight from the Call of Duty Blog. Also, I NEED the kitty cat operator.

Black Noir Announces Call of Duty

“You’re not the only one who wants payback.” – Billy Butcher, The Boys (Ep. 306)

Task Force 141 members are in captivity. Vondel is a complete Warzone™. [[REDACTED]] is moving quick on their master plan to shake the foundation of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II . . . and The Boys are here too: They may be “experts at exterminating Supes,” but can they hunt down Operators now? Well, if they insist . . .

This is Season 04 Reloaded of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone™. This content update launches on Wednesday July 12 at 9 AM PT across all platforms.

Expect Patch Notes led by Infinity Ward and Raven Software to be released prior to the release of Season 04 Reloaded.

Additional development support is provided by (in alphabetical order) Activision Central Design, Activision Localization Dublin, Activision QA, Activision Shanghai, Beenox, Demonware, High Moon Studios, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, Team RICOCHET, Toys for Bob, and Treyarch.


  • Welcome to Battle Royale in Vondel. Resurgence will still be around, but for those Operators prepared for a traditional, high-intensity Battle Royale . . . Vondel is about to welcome up to 72 players to see which one — or which team — can conquer the city.
  • Enter the New Gulag. Call of Duty® veterans can make themselves feel at home in Vondel Castle’s wine cellar and dungeon, but anyone can learn how to master this arena for 1v1 duels.
  • Additional Features. The Occupation Scan is coming back, along with the Signals Intelligence Contract, and the Portable Redeploy Drone, all scheduled to be released within the Reloaded launch window.

Drop into Vondel Battle Royale

Ready to run this town? Then take all that Resurgence experience and get ready to drop back in for the traditional Battle Royale experience, for the first time on Vondel.

Up to 72 players can play in a Vondel Battle Royale match, and in the launch window, there will be dedicated Quads, Trios, Duos, and Solos Playlists.

Other than that, it’s a Warzone Battle Royale at its core. Encroaching circle collapses, Loadout Drops, and limited lives with one opportunity — at most — to earn a second chance through the Gulag …

Gulag Open in Vondel

Vondel has a dedicated Gulag at mid-season launch, as the wine cellar and dungeon beneath the Castle have been cleared and there are way too many Operators thinking they can take that second chance for granted.

At its core, this Gulag is a three-lane map designed for 1v1 combat. The center features a circular structure with an opening facing the two main spawn points. This might feel familiar, and it should: It appears the architects responsible for Vondel’s Gulag took inspiration from a certain Prison Complex Showers….

Although action will naturally funnel into the center — especially during overtime — these spawn areas have their own facilities for Operators to clean up and take cover.

Introducing Warzone Playlist Map Rotation in Resurgence

In Warzone, there is the main Al Mazrah Battle Royale map, as well as two Resurgence maps — the newer map Vondel and Ashika Island — as well as some additional DMZ locations like Building 21.

In recognizing this, as well as Call of Duty’s two-decade-long history and its future, a map rotation system – Rotating Resurgence Playlists – will be introduced to Warzone in Season 04 Reloaded for Resurgence modes only.

After a certain amount of time specified in-game, the Rotating Resurgence Playlists will shift from Vondel to Ashika Island and vice versa for a given squad size.

Simply grab your squad — or just fly Solo — and get ready to switch gears when your Resurgence AO shifts from Ashika Island to Vondel and back again.

The best Resurgence squads should prove their mettle by winning back-to-back matches in Vondel and Ashika Island, and the truly elite can go on winning streaks for hours while (virtually) jet-setting between those two locales.

Additional Features: Occupation Scan, Signals Intelligence Contract, P.R.D.

Occupation Scan in Effect

“If you can’t identify the target, you are the target” — Captain Price, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® (2019).

The Occupation Scan, an in-match event that Warzone veterans remember well from another island, is coming to Vondel due to increased hostile activity.

As Price would say, “maintain a low profile” and go prone or dive underwater when an Occupation Scan begins. Otherwise, the scan identifies and marks all Operators who fail to get down. Once that happens, there is a limited amount of time before Occupation Scan exposure runs out, so use that to your advantage.

Signals Intelligence Contract

Another new feature to Vondel Battle Royale and Resurgence game modes is the Signals intelligence Contract, which originally appeared in DMZ.

Just like in DMZ, this Contract requires an Operator – or their squad – to go around hacking three contract phones.

However, this contract is now fine-tuned for Battle Royale and Resurgence – know that you are on the clock to get to these phones and try to stay alive to keep the cash flow going.

Portable Redeploy Drone (P.R.D.)

Get ready to fly on your own, Operator.

Warzone veterans knows how this works for the most part: the drone’s miniature energy reactors help you ascend well above structures until it explodes. You can hop off the drone at any time, or wait until it reaches its apex to get maximum height.

Unlike the Personal Redeploy Drones in the past, the Portable Redeploy Drone can only be employed by a single Operator. Instead of using cables attached to a drone, an Operator hangs onto the drone itself in order to fly high into the air.

This Vondel-only Field Upgrade will not available in DMZ, so Operators heading into Extraction Zones should use those boots on the ground or a vehicle instead.

Late-Breaking Intel: DMZ

Prior to the Patch Notes drop on July 12 when more details will be revealed, in Season 04 Reloaded, DMZ players should expect new options for Plea for Help, and new mechanics for Assimilation. Additionally, Squads specifically hunting other Players may find themselves the target of a new Hunt Contract.


  • It’s Last Down. But Task Force 141 isn’t doomed. Welcome to the grand reveal of RAID: Atomgrad Episode 04, the epic conclusion to TF 141’s Special Operations in Modern Warfare® II.
  • Might Turn into a Ghost . . . Because that Ultimate Perk can be great on Vondel Waterfront, the new Multiplayer map where stealth maneuvers are your focus, rather than swimming underneath houseboats as you would in Vondel. Be a true 141 Operator and plan accordingly.
  • Time to Play the Game. Ranked Play Season 04 is in full swing, and you have plenty of time — but not too much time — to complete the Battle Pass and reach the maximum Prestige Rank until Season 05 begins!

The Epic Conclusion to Special Ops RAID Atomgrad


“48 hours ago, goat herders in the Sattiq mountains discovered an entrance to what appears to be an abandoned bunker, dug in the hillside. Closer inspection determined the hatchway was an inlet to what could be a fortified Soviet-era fallout shelter . . . or something more.” — Kate Laswell, Modern Warfare II

Al-Qatala controls an underground bunker containing missiles. Price, Gaz, and Farah discover this as they search for missing Task Force 141 members on the Urzikstan border. Alex is one of those missing members; he is mostly off the grid after his heroic acts during Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® (2019).

The three TF141 Operators navigate through flooded tunnels and ultimately end up at the base of a missile silo. They ascend the silo and, at the top, realize the following:

The good news is Alex — a “man o’ steel,” per Gaz — is here. Not only that, but the missile is still here, too . . . The only problem is that its payload isn’t, it was just smuggled out of the facility by Farah’s brother: AQ asset Hadir.

Gaz leaves to establish comms with Laswell while Alex and the remaining crew push deeper into the base. . . . Until they are ultimately captured by Hadir, flanked by two elite AQ soldiers, and sent to individual jail cells.

Atomgrad will conclude in Season 04 Reloaded with an intense RAID experience for a squad of three Operators.

Whether that’s you and two friendlies or two mercenaries from the Call of Duty community (using the in-game “Looking for Party” feature), it is mission critical that you finish what you started here.

“Be careful who you trust, Sergeant. People you know can hurt you the most.” — Ghost, Modern Warfare II

Vondel Waterfront Core Map

Just like the Kunstenaar District, Vondel Waterfront is an area of the larger Warzone Vondel map that — as of Season 04 Reloaded — will be available for Multiplayer experiences.

However, unlike in the larger Vondel map there are a number of changes to this area of town, made specifically to optimize 6v6 Multiplayer action. Operators cannot swim underneath the houseboats and need to keep action mostly on “land” — that is, the pontoon homes on the water and the decks connecting this district together. Additionally, several of the buildings are boarded up, and two of the available four traversable buildings have new coats of paint – Red and Blue – that mark the most prominent positions on the map.

While using the water for stealth maneuvers is an effective strategy, think about employing the Ghost Perk, Dead Silence, Counter-UAVs, suppressors, and other tools to maintain a low profile.

Otherwise, prepare for constant action in and around the abandoned dwellings that can act as great cover.

More intel on this new map here.


  • “You’re not the only one who wants payback.”  – Billy Butcher, The Boys (Ep. 306)Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir are ready to eliminate the opposition. . . . They also brought some new toys to play with, too.
  • MX Guardian: Need something “up close and personal?” Unlocked via challenge through the Battle Pass, this highly versatile full-auto Shotgun is limited only by its effective range. Otherwise it’s ready to deliver some devastating knockout blows.
  • More in-Store. Whisker Tango and two Tracer Packs highlight the rest of the in-game Store. Also, get the free Prime Gaming Bundle before it rotates out on July 20.

New Weapon: MX Guardian

“A fully-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with three rotating magazine tubes that hold 5 shells each.”

If pump and double-action Shotguns are designed for greater range and accuracy, the full-auto MX Guardian is here to dish out damage up close. Operators who challenge the MX Guardian within its effective range without taking cover should think twice; countering this new tool means getting out of its effective range or going full fisticuffs with a Riot Shield or Melee weapon.

A truly versatile platform, the MX Guardian when properly equipped grants access to semi-auto, burst-fire, and full-auto modes—all of which can be equipped with Slug rounds to give Battle Rifles a run for their money in the mid-range. For those who are ready to wield this power, know that it packs some serious recoil in addition to limited range—though most would consider this a small price to pay for its powerhouse damage output and combat flexibility.

While the KV Broadside reigned supreme in close to mid-range engagements for a time, the MX Guardian has arrived to usurp the close-range crown. Equip the MX Guardian in your favorite close-quarters Loadout in Multiplayer or slot it in as an Overkill Secondary Weapon for room clearing in Warzone to maximize success.

Unlock the MX Guardian via New Battle Pass Challenge

Did you notice that [CLASSIFIED] Sector in the Battle Pass you couldn’t unlock until mid-season?

This Sector is now ready for you to access, has an additional five items to unlock, and its HVT is the new MX Guardian base weapon. Accessing this Sector requires the completion of at least one adjacent Sector (D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, or D7) and all adjacent sectors are very close to either the initial or BlackCell starting position.

That means you can immediately get to the [CLASSIFIED] Sector if you already unlocked at least one of those sectors. If not, then an easy unlock to get from one of the starting positions – the standard one or BlackCell – over to the [CLASSIFIED] Sector.

Unlike a traditional Battle Pass Sector, all five items in the special MX Guardian Sector are unlocked through a set of challenges:

  • Dependable Emblem: Get 10 ADS Operator Kills with Shotguns.
  • Gunfire Calling Card: Get 10 Hipfire Operator Kills with Shotguns.
  • Fanning Hutch Loading Screen: Get 10 Headshot Operator Kills with Shotguns.
  • 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token: Get 10 One Shot Operator Kills with Shotguns.
  • MX Guardian: Earn All Sector Rewards.

These challenges are designed to help Operators understand the characteristics of this weapon class: A Shotgun can be hip-fired for fast damage up close or aimed down sight for longer-range fights. Also, a buckshot to the head within a Shotgun’s effective range most likely means a one-shot elimination in core Multiplayer modes.

Get these simple challenges done, and that MX Guardian base weapon is yours.

The Boys Are Ready to Run This Town: Temp V and Camo Challenges

“We’re your best pals, aren’t we?” – Buster Beaver, The Boys (Ep. 307)

The Supes are here to save Vondel, Al Mazrah, and the Modern Warfare II universe . . . whether we want them to exterminate rival Operators or not.

For those unfamiliar with Vought International, The Boys is a TV show on our watch list. In their world, superheroes exist alongside non-superpowered human beings, and their work is recognized by the community . . . both good, bad, and downright ugly.

And all that includes the use of a mutagenic super serum known as “Temp V.”

Temp V in Call of Duty . . . Temporarily

The Temp V Field Upgrade: Vought International’s proprietary blend that is near-perfect for anyone wanting to be a Supe.

Near-perfect, of course. Upon consuming it, Temp V grants one of four random superpowers in your Field Upgrade slot, though it doesn’t act like a usual Field Upgrade. Once you use Temp V, you’re then free to activate this power whenever you wish… But if you’re eliminated from combat before activating the power, then like a normal Field Upgrade, it is lost upon death.

Also, all traditional Field Upgrades appear to dispel Temp V’s effects… Operator test subjects picking up a Munitions Box, Dead Silence, or any other Field Upgrade lost that power (or the Temp V shot).

Here are the four different superpowers that Temp V can result in:

Charge Jump – Operators who love fast movement techniques — or maybe remember a Haunting or two —know how much a Charge Jump propels them across the map in leaps and bounds. Just like Queen Maeve, an Operator doesn’t suffer any fall damage when they land from a Charge Jump; in fact they deal splash damage to anyone or anything within a short radius of the Operator’s landing spot.

Electric Shockwave – To put it simply, “electricity goes in, blast comes out.” This shockwave sends a powerful electrical explosion that injures Operators and AI Combatants, as well as destroys vehicles and equipment. Think of this as a super-EMP that – like the other abilities – can help turn the tide of teamfights.

Laser Vision: Upon activation, an Operator levitates and fires a laser beam that sears through enemy targets in whatever direction they are looking. It’s just like one of many powers that Homelander has, but it does leave the user open to backfire.

Teleport: Forget normal on-foot navigation throughout Vondel’s; Teleport jumps an Operator forward in whatever direction they face, which is extremely helpful when trying to escape a fight or move unexpectedly to higher ground. And unlike when Hughie Campbell does it, your Operator Skin isn’t affected in any way – no lost clothing, in other words – whenever this happens.

As you might expect, Temp V is accessible all Warzone playlists, including DMZ, exceptRanked Play. The very best Ranked Warzone players don’t need a Temp V injection and should heed Starlight’s advice on their road to Top 250:

“You don’t need powers. You just need to be human.” — Starlight, The Boys (Ep. 305)

Otherwise, expect Temp V to be a lot rarer in DMZ compared to Battle Royale modes.

Diabolical Camo Challenges

Ready to paint the town red?

Diabolical Camo Challenges is the third installment of the new mid-season tradition: a set of challenges for every weapon class to prove your total arsenal mastery.

This time, the Diabolical Camo Challenges grants two camouflages, the first of which is a Vought-approved gray camouflage, which can be used on every weapon in a specific class once you complete that classes’ specific challenge. Here are all the Diabolical Camo Challenges:

  • Assault Rifles: Get 50 Operator headshots
  • Battle Rifles: Get 25 Operator kills from behind
  • SMGs: Get 250 Operator kills
  • Shotguns: Get 30 Operator kills while prone
  • LMGs: Get 30 Operator kills while using a suppressor
  • Marksman Rifles: Get 30 Operator kills while mounted
  • Sniper Rifles: Get 3 kills without dying 10 times
  • Sidearms: Get 50 enemy longshot kills
  • Launcher: Get 40 Operator kills
  • Melee: Get 30 enemy kills

All these challenges, of course, need to be done while using a weapon from the designated category. And these challenges may align with other challenges for Daily rewards, Camos, or Calling Cards.

With that said, the term “enemy” not only refers to Operators, but also to AI Combatants, such as the ones you see in DMZ. So, for the Sidearm and Melee challenges, it may be easier to play some DMZ or the Multiplayer mode Invasion and pick off those AI Combatants instead.

Complete all ten to unlock a superbly diabolical (and extremely red) universal camouflage, which can be used on all weapons once unlocked, and a Weapon Charm, which proves mastery of this event.

Operators versus Superheroes — A Very Special Limited Edition of Warzone

All around Vondel and Al Mazrah, the Supes from The Boys made their presence known with some super publicity by way of murals and billboard ads. But for those who want to know who will be dropping into all the action in Season 04 Reloaded, here’s the intel on The Boys Operator Bundles:

The Boys in WarzoneModern Warfare II — Special Limited-Time Bundles

“No one’s the new me, pal.” — Soldier Boy, The Boys (Ep. 306)

Ready to be Starlight, Homelander, or Black Noir? Think you can lace up those boots and join The Boys or The Seven when the Bundles launch?

Good news, there are three super-Bundles for you in Season 04 Reloaded:

The Boys: Starlight

“If you jump ship and you let the [[REDACTED]] steer, then you’re part of the problem.” — Starlight, The Boys (Ep. 208)

The Boys: StarlightBundle, priced at 2,400 COD Points, features Starlight — the ever-burning bright doer of good — as an Operator.

Starlight trades in her powers for three Tracer Weapon Blueprints with Dismemberment built for short- to midrange combat — the “Des Moines Defender” Assault Rifle, the Pro-Tuned “World Saver” SMG, and the “Blinding Light” Sidearm — unless it’s a Finishing Move. In that case, it would be time for some “Necessary Evil,” which is perfect to put an exclamation point on a successful close-range engagement.

The Bundle also includes a Weapon Charm, Loading Screen, Weapon Sticker, and Emblem. This Bundle is scheduled to be available on July 12.

The Boys: Homelander

“I am done apologizing. I am done being persecuted for my strength. You need me to save you. You do. I am the only one who possibly can. You’re not the real heroes. I’m the real hero.” — Homelander, The Boys (Ep. 302)

The Boys: Homelander Bundle, priced at 2,400 COD Points, includes “the only man in the sky,” Homelander. He comes with an absolutely wicked “Laser Everyone” Finishing Move, as well as three Tracer Weapon Blueprints with Dismemberment:

The first is the “Bravado” Assault Rifle, the second is the Pro-Tuned “Vought Issue” Assault Rifle, and the third is the Pro-Tuned “Superiority Complex” SMG. With those powers combined, any Operator can be super-scary anywhere from close to medium range and look the part of Homelander by playing as him.

This Bundle also includes a Weapon Decal, Emblem, Loading Screen, and Weapon Charm. This Bundle is scheduled to be available on July 16.

The Boys: Black Noir

“I can see through that mask. I mean, literally, I can see your face. I can tell when you’re happy, sad, telling the truth, lying.” — Homelander to Black Noir, The Boys (Ep. 302)

The Boys: Black Noir Bundle, priced at 2,400 COD Points, includes the Operator that was once Homelander’s best friend. Now Black Noir is ready to silence anyone standing in his path to victory.

He achieves this with two Tracer Weapon Blueprints with Dismemberment, the “Unspoken Word” Sniper Rifle Blueprint and the “Quiet Rage” Assault Rifle Blueprint. Additionally included are “Noir’s Blades,” a melee tool that completes a stealth loadout with either of those two Primary Weapons. Once he gets too close to Operators, Black Noir can perform the “Shhh” Finishing Move included in this Bundle, a devastating yet silent attack that puts Operators to sleep permanent rest. All of these tools are at your disposal with this Bundle, custom-built for stealth situations across all modes.

There is also a Weapon Charm, Loading Screen, Weapon Sticker, and Emblem included in this Bundle. This Bundle is scheduled to be available on July 20.

Bundle Highlight — Pro Pack 6: Graffiti Tactical

In addition to the above bundles, the Store will include additional bundles as part of the Reloaded update.

One notable bundle is Pro Pack 6: Graffiti Tactical available for $19.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

In addition to 2,400 COD Points, which can be used on any other Bundle you see here or in the Store (or for the Battle Pass), this Pro Pack includes a new Operator Skin for Chuy that puts him in full graffiti artist gear. In DMZ, this Operator Skin automatically awards a two-plate armor plate vest on every deployment.

He’ll paint the walls with the “Express Yourself” SMG and the “Street Legal” Assault Rifle, both of which are built for close-range engagements in Modern Warfare II and Warzone.

This Pro Pack also includes a Weapon Charm, Loading Screen, Emblem, and Weapon Sticker.

Bundle Highlight — Whisker Tango

Get those claws out to tear into this Bundle’s details, which are purrfect for an Operator who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. . .

Priced at 2,400 COD Points, Whisker Tango features two new Operator Skins: Sgt. Pspsps and Sgt. Sprinkles. The Operator Skins come with a free Self-Revive for DMZ – you may not have nine lives, but this will at least give you an extra chance – as well as an additional Operator Slot.

The Bundle also includes two Weapon Blueprints — the “Cat Scratch” Assault Rifle for midrange play and the “Pouncer” SMG for up-close catfights — as well as a new Vehicle Skin, fishbone Weapon Charm, a Vinyl, five Stickers, and an Emblem.

Bundle Highlight — Reactive Pack: Soulless

One of the most premium Bundles in the Store is worth its weight in crystal.

Priced at 2,800 COD Points, Reactive Pack: Soulless includes an incredible “Spectral Ghost” Operator Skin that replaces Ghost’s mask with one of pure crystal.

In addition to that, this bundle has the “Absolution” Assault Rifle and the “Mercy” SMG Weapon Blueprints. Both Primary Weapons are reactive and consume the souls of the fallen whenever they deal the final blow…

This Bundle also includes a crystal Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint, a crystal Throwing Knife Lethal Equipment variant, a Weapon Charm, a Sticker, a Loading Screen, and an animated Emblem.

Marquee Bundle — BlackCell

For $29.99, BlackCell includes over 7,000 COD Points of value (based on comparable in-game store bundles):

  • Access to the full Season 04 Battle Pass and 20 Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation®). This includes 1,400 COD Points awarded throughout the Battle Pass.
  • The BlackCell Sector, which includes 1,100 COD Points, a new BlackCell Operator named Io, a Pro-Tuned Weapon Blueprint and a Finishing Move. Plus, for the first time in Modern Warfare® II, a custom Warzone Parachute and Contrails (the smoke behind your Operator when the Parachute is deployed).
  • Immediate unlocking of adjacent Battle Pass Sectors to the BlackCell Sector, an alternate position on the Battle Map compared to the normal starting position. You are free to unlock Battle Map Sectors adjacent to either starting Sector at will after BlackCell purchase.
  • Additional BlackCell-only Battle Pass content: six BlackCell Alt Operator Skins, six BlackCell Tracer Weapon Blueprints, and two Vehicle Skins.
  • Operators using specific BlackCell Blueprint variants marked in-game as having Tracer Rounds should expect black and gold flourishes and other effects for these armaments.
  • Players who upgrade to BlackCell after purchasing the Battle Pass will also receive 1,100 COD Points back.

For more information, check out the dedicated Season 04 Battlepass and BlackCell blog here.

Bundle Highlight — Get Your FREE Prime Gaming Bundle Before July 20

Prime Gaming and Call of Duty teamed up to provide all Prime members with free Bundles for use in Modern Warfare II and Warzone.

Right now, you can claim the Track Rivals Bundle, which includes the “Straight Away” Sniper Rifle and “Speed Boost” SMG Weapon Blueprints, two great weapons for an Overkill Loadout in Battle Royale. It also has two Vehicle Skins — one for the UTV and another for the Hatchback — and a Weapon Sticker.

This Bundle is available only until July 20, at which point a new free Bundle will be available for Prime Gaming members to collect.

Social and Community — In-Game LFP — Party Browser

The overhauled LFP (Looking for Party) system helps players find parties with similar communication styles and playstyle preferences. The following changes were made to improve player experience based on community feedback:

Dynamic Preferences: In addition to communication types, an expanded preference list includes primary and secondary playstyle options (e.g., focus on faction missions or competitive versus casual playstyles).

Advertise Your Party: Party leaders can broadcast your existing party and attract individuals who share similar preferences. Fill up your squad with compatible teammates before diving into the action for more collaborative and team-based play.

Browse Parties and Join: No more waiting around! Players can now explore a list of available parties with matching preferences to join them immediately. Note: Exact matches only.

Quality-of-Life Improvements: Bugs were fixed and the overall user interface was improved to ensure a smoother experience.

To access Party Browser, click “Find a Party.” After selecting a mode and entering the lobby, the player can either advertise their existing party or browse available pools.

Patch Notes Available Prior to Launch

In addition to a breakdown of the new Multiplayer map arriving with Season 04 Reloaded, the Call of Duty studios will release Patch Notes that detail all changes coming with this update.


  • Time to Run One at the London Copper Box Arena. The first everWorld Series of Warzone Global Final, taking place September 16 in London. Ticket pre-sale is live on July 17; general sale is July 19. Be there. To join the presale, sign-up here.
  • A Reminder: The New York Subliners is the Best in the League. Congratulations to the New York Subliners for winning the 2023 Call of Duty League Championship.
  • COD Shop Update — Call of Duty Shop x Primitive Skateboarding Collaboration. Grab this new board and catch some air outside of pulling the ’chute in-game.

World Series of Warzone Global Final Details

The World Series of Warzone Global Final will be held at the legendary Copper Box Arena in London on September 16.

Trios from around the world have climbed the ladder to become the best 50 trios but only one will be crowned Global Champion. This one-day live final is shaping up to be an incredible conclusion to an already action-packed year.

The presale for tickets begins July 17. To sign up, click here.

With countries being represented from around the world, this message is for all Call of Duty fans:

We have one mission for you:

Make us proud, be loud, and stay frosty.

WSOW Designated Driver Pack to Be Added in Season 04 Reloaded

Every squad needs a designated driver, the person who is not going to full-send a Hatchback into the rivers of Al Mazrah.

Enter the WSOW Designated Driver Pack, a 1,500 COD Point Bundle featuring the “Speed Demon” Operator Skin for the official Call of Duty League (Male) Operator. Yes, it is a crash suit, because the roads get a bit dicey out there in the Warzone, especially in Ranked Play.

There is also the “Take the Wheel” Weapon Blueprint, built as a high-capacity midrange option that can fit in a traditional Battle Royale Loadout. Plus, this Bundle includes a Calling Card, an Emblem, a one-hour Double XP Token, and a one-hour Double Weapon XP Token.

Congratulations to the 2023 Call of Duty League™ Champions

Congratulations to the New York Subliners (NYSL) — Season MVP Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez, Cesar “Skyz” Bueno, Preston “Priestahh” Greiner, substitute Elliot “WarDy” Ward, Head Coach Ehsan “DREAL” Javed, and MVP Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley” — for winning it all on June 18, 2023.

The team took home the coveted $1 million first-place earnings, along with Championship jackets and some sweet shoes from the great artist KidWiseman.

This was the largest Call of Duty esports event ever: The sold-out Championship Weekend saw more than 3.9 million hours of broadcast watched, and a live audience of 23,000+ throughout the weekend. The tournament solidified a record-breaking year as the CDL’s most-watched season yet, with 40 million+ hours watched throughout.

And the team that cemented their place in history were the New York Subliners, whose collective skills and mindset could be simply summarized in just one word: “resilient.”

Although this squad was swept out of the Winners Final — and despite finishing the season in third place — NYSL defeated the #1 squad in the Regular Season Atlanta FaZe, then dropped the team that sent them down into that Elimination Finals match — Toronto Ultra — with a 5-0 series sweep in front of thousands of fans.

With five stages of competition that saw them play plenty of matches online and offline, resiliency is a part of the New York Subliners’ mindset to success. And it’s one ability that any player aspiring to be a world champion — or just win their next Ranked Play match — should have if they want to succeed.

But for now, congratulations once again to the entire New York Subliners for winning the 2023 Call of Duty League Championship, and thank you to all teams, fans, and staff for an incredible 2023 season.

Until 2024, happy offseason.

COD Shop Update — Call of Duty Shop x Primitive Skateboarding Collaboration

Time to drop in . . . IRL, before you do a kickflip, 5-0 grind, or just want to get to point A to point B in style.

The Call of Duty Shop is collaborating with Primitive Skateboarding, founded in early 2014 by medal-winning skateboarder pros. This collaboration includes a special — and functional — skateboard deck featuring the iconic Ghost, as well as apparel that is ready for vert or street skating.

Grab this board — and this collection as a whole — before it is gone, because this drop is limited in quality!

Upgrade to Modern Warfare II, Get Rewarded in Warzone

Haven’t experienced Modern Warfare II yet?

You are missing out on Premium XP while playing Warzone, quick ways to level up over 50 Weapons through Multiplayer and Special Ops, Multiplayer Ranked Play and its exclusive rewards, and the ability to unlock 14 exclusive Operators to use across both games.

Plus, those who own Modern Warfare II can access content coming as part of Season 04, including all four episodes of the RAID Special Ops experience, seven additional Multiplayer maps across Gunfight, Core 6v6 modes, Battle Maps for all-out Ground War skirmishes, and more.

Stay frosty.

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David Burdette is a gamer/writer/content creator from TN and Lead Editor for Gaming Trend. He loves Playstation, Star Wars, Marvel, and many other fandoms. He also plays way too much Call Of Duty. You can chat with him on Twitter @SplitEnd89.

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