Head to London for the first LIVE World Series of Warzone event, tickets available next week

Better start holding back a few bucks from your paycheck and stop drinking so many lattes, we’re headed to London. Maybe I’m not, but the World Series of Warzone is, with the game’s first fan-attended event coming up in September in London. Presales start on July 17th, so get those credit and debit cards handy! Check out the info below and head to the official WSOW website for more.

Warzone Ranked Play Is Here | Call of Duty: Warzone

The road to the World Series of Warzone (WSOW) Global Final is well underway, culminating in an epic tournament on September 16th in London, England with $600k on the line. Starting today, fans who want to get in on the action in-person at the Global Final can sign up at the official WSOW site to be eligible for pre-sale tickets.

Pre-sale begins on Monday, July 17 at 7am Pacific Time, followed by ticket sales to the general public on Wednesday, July 19 at 7am Pacific Time.

The WSOW Global Final in London will take place at the Copper Box Arena, with more competition, more prizing, and more regions than ever participating. For more information about the WSOW Global Final, head to:, and be sure to follow @COD_Esports on social channels for more updates.

About World Series of Warzone

Welcome to WORLD SERIES OF WARZONE™ (WSOW) 2023! This year will feature more competition, more prizing, more regions, and the first-ever in-person WSOW Global Final in London at the Copper Box Arena. We’re here to settle the debate once and for all on who the best Warzone players in the world are.

In North America and Europe, the road to the WSOW Global Final will feature two online stages and a last chance qualifier, with 20 WSOW Global Final Trio slots in both regions up for grabs.

For the first time ever, players outside of North America and Europe will also have an opportunity to qualify for the WSOW Global Final. Read on for how players in Mexico, Brazil, LATAM North, LATAM South, Asia, ANZ and MEA can qualify.

Drop into Al Mazrah with your Trio and see if you have what it takes to battle it out for a share of $1.2 million in prizing. We’ll see the best of the best at the WSOW Global Final in London!

Read on for more details regarding how you can watch and participate.

Interested in attending? Details on how and when to buy tickets will be shared soon!

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Call of Duty: Warzone and World Series of Warzone news and info!

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