Have yourself a merry little CODMAS — Christmas arrives in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time where video games get festive and add fun updates. Call of Duty is no stranger to these, but CODMAS in Modern Warfare III and Warzone looks to be the biggest drop yet. Christmas will be invading not only multiplayer and Warzone, but Zombies as well! You know what they say, the holiday spirit is infectious. Get ready to take on Zombie Santa in style, and check out all the intel from the Call of Duty blog below.

Let the festivities begin early with the upcoming CODMAS event! This year, the Halloween spirit has bled over into the winter holidays with the appearance of Santa Gnaws, here to spread horror and fear to the Operators of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III and Call of Duty:Warzone™. Battle the abomination and celebrate the season of giving with new holiday-themed maps, modes, challenges, and rewards.

The CODMAS event takes place from December 19 at 10AM PT to January 3 at 8AM PT, and includes a limited time event challenge alongside special in-game activities and map updates across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Santa’s Slayground (Multiplayer, Zombies, Call of Duty: Warzone)

Season’s Eatings! Santa Gnaws is here to terrorize all who would disobey him. Prove your worth by completing up to eight challenges in the Santa’s Slayground in-game event to earn prizes more impressive than a lump of coal. Get rewards like consumable items and cosmetics such as the “Christmas Skulls” Calling Card, the “Elfsecution” Finishing Move, and the Weapon Blueprint/Operator Skin.

Play across new themed maps and modes as you complete the challenges in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Themed Maps and Limited Modes in Multiplayer

CODMAS brings two holiday-themed map reskins with Shipmas and Hangover, plus Infectious Holiday and Snowfight as a twist on two fan-favorite party modes.


Pack your ugly sweater and deploy to the frozen sea in this cold-weather version of Shipment. Keep your head on a swivel to avoid joining the other corpses in cold storage.


Toast to the New Year in this winter-themed Highrise decked with lights, garlands, and festive flair. The battle takes place at night for a new gameplay experience, so bring your best and celebrate in the victory screen.

New Limited-Time Modes

Infectious Holiday

Play Infected in a lobby full of Santa Claus Operators. Infected players will transform into the Zombie Santa Skin. Combine cheerfulness with combat prowess to retain those rosy cheeks against the undead menace.


In this Gunfight iteration, the first two rounds are decided by a snowball fight. These snowballs hit hard, so stay light on your feet. Capture the suspiciously yellow snowball in the center of the map for a one-hit elimination. After regular Loadouts return in the third round, players can still loot snowballs placed throughout the map.

CODMAS in Modern Warfare Zombies

Encounter new seasonal enemy models and updated infil music and collect snowballs around the map, which can be used to launch deadly attacks.

Slay Ride Resurgence Comes to Call of Duty: Warzone

Play the limited-time Slay Ride Resurgence Playlist during the CODMAS event for the chance to earn high-quality loot by decorating trees and taking on Santa in an ambush on the seasonal train.

Slay Ride

Take the fight to Santa aboard the train traveling through Urzikstan. Succeed in toppling the king of Christmas to earn powerful in-game loot and an Emblem proving your prowess.

Deck the Halls

Deploy to one of six Deck the Halls tree-themed capture points marked on the Tac Map in Slay Ride Resurgence, and loot up with high-tier gear right at the start of the match. Standing near the tree with no opponents nearby will begin the festive decorating. The tree can be upgraded to Tier 2 or become fully decorated at Tier 3, improving the value of the loot. The more decorated your tree, the better the weapons, Killstreaks, and in-game Cash you’ll earn in return.

Be on the lookout for other CODMAS related secrets around the map while completing these events.

New Year, New Event: Face the Vortex

Enter the flames of the Vortex to fight for cataclysmic rewards. In this event, players will progress through the 15 available rewards by playing in the Vortex-themed maps Tetanus, Satan’s Quarry, and Sporeyard.


In this otherworld version of Rust, Operators find themselves in an otherworldly desert during a planetary storm. Strips of neon-green light attached to the infrastructure enhance the sci-feel feel of the fight.

Satan’s Quarry

Enter this pit of fire and brimstone only if you dare. Huge chains piercing the skies signal a hellish destination in which only the bold stand the chance to survive.


The iconic boneyard shows signs of fungal infestation as glowing blue flora spreads throughout the map, dispensed by the towering toadstools surrounding the borders.

The Vortex event begins on January 3 following CODMAS and ends on January 17.

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Stay frosty.

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