Six Days in Fallujah gets major update with three maps incoming

If you remember from our preview, Six Days in Fallujah certainly captures the horrors of war. That war has grown, with three new maps entering the early access build. This has nearly doubled the size of what’s available, and considering the incredible procedural generation of the maps, makes for a ton of different ways to play. All of the news for the update is below, with the new trailer above.

Seattle, Washington – December 19, 2023. Victura and Highwire Games today released three new missions for first-person tactical shooter Six Days in Fallujah, nearly doubling the content in the game.

In Jolan Amusement Park, your team will aim to secure the open-air park by destroying mortar emplacements hidden throughout the park, while insurgents attack from hidden spaces and tunnels. Beset on all sides by the enemy, long sight-lines, and sketchy cover, you must emerge victorious.

Next, in Objective Virginia, You need to defend “Crazy Horse,” an M1 Abrams tank pushing deeper into the city from insurgents, vehicle-borne IEDs and spotters looking to detonate deadly munitions before you find them.

Finally, in West Manor, an Al Qaeda headquarters riddled with the smell of torture must  be secured. As you aim to control the building, insurgents leverage tunnels to escape capture, flank and ambush you as you clear the location and head for the extraction point. Don’t turn your back for a moment in this incredibly tense scenario.

All three maps are available now, with more content and modes coming in 2024.

Six Days in Fallujah is available in Steam Early Access, and on-sale with a 25% discount for a limited time from December 19th, priced at USD 29.99. EUR 29.99 and GBP £24.99. Now featuring seven co-operative, four-player missions, Six Days in Fallujah’s urban maps are generated procedurally, simulating the uncertainty of combat, and offering unlimited replayability.

The most realistic simulation of urban combat to date, Six Days in Fallujah is developed with help from more than 100 Marines and Soldiers who served in the Second Battle of Fallujah, as well as more than two dozen Iraqi civilians and soldiers. Based on true stories from the battle, Six Days requires players to overcome real-world scenarios with their fire team by using real-life military tactics.

In the coming months, additional features and content will be introduced, including:

  • “Go” Command
    In 2024, take control of your AI teammates with unique tactical control, drawing inspiration from real-life tactics with control that redefines a genre.

  • Single Player Missions
    Specific moments from the second battle of Fallujah from those who were there.

The Second Battle of Fallujah began in November 2004, after Al Qaeda in Iraq seized control of the city of Fallujah. Six months later, Iraq’s prime minister ordered a military operation in which Iraqi soldiers fought alongside American and British forces to retake the city. Within a few days it had become one of the world’s bloodiest battles in half a century.

Six Days in Fallujah recreates real stories from the Second Battle of Fallujah from the perspective of both coalition forces and Iraqi civilians. Beginning development 18 years ago, just months after the battle ended, Six Days in Fallujah was conceived by a Marine who was wounded during the battle.

Six Days in Fallujah is available now in Steam Early Access, and is published by Victura, and developed by Highwire Games, a studio founded by many of the original Halo and Destiny leadership. Six Days in Fallujah will expand its tense, challenging tactical shooter with a full release for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2024.

More information about Six Days in Fallujah is available at Six Days in Fallujah is also on Twitter (@SixDaysGame), and YouTube. Players are encouraged to join the official Discord.

Stay tuned to GamingTrend for more Six Days in Fallujah news and info!

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