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The New York Toy Fair is going strong right now, and several companies have already released some of the games they will be coming out in the upcoming year.  USAOpoly, which is owned by Hasbro,has a large number of games coming out, and some of them feature several franchises you are probably familiar with.

USAopoly will unveil a line-up of cool new board games based on some of the most popular licenses mashed up with the most iconic game brands (under license from Hasbro, Inc.). These new launches, plus four brand new family, party and preschool games will debut at the 110th American International Toy Fair beginning Sunday, February 10 in New York City at booth #457.

“First it was video games. Then it was DVD games. Now it’s social media, tablet and app games. Did board games disappear? No. They’re still here and they’re here to stay. People are always looking for good games to play. It’s human nature,” said John M. Davis, President of USAopoly. “Though video and app games have their place, people need social engagement. They will continue to seek and enjoy fun interactive game experiences with friends and family. USAOPOLY is proud to kick off 2013 with another new line-up of board games that will delight families, collectors and gamers alike.”

I do like the sound of Tapple and CrossWays, and they could be good games for all ages and backgrounds.  Some of the licenses, like Risk: Mass Effect Galaxy at War Edition, make sense.  Not all of these games will be for everyone, but I do like seeing what they are planning to offer.  Take a look at the full Press Release to find out more about their upcoming titles.

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