Has hell frozen over? Blizzard announces Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha details

Today, Blizzard announced some gameplay details for its upcoming mobile game Diablo Immortal, as well as releasing a very limited public Technical Alpha for a select few participants. (Hint: If you’re in Australia, you’re in luck!) The gameplay details are below for when the alpha potentially opens up to more players.

It’s time to see Sanctuary as you’ve never seen it before–the gates of Hell are now open, revealing new details about Diablo Immortal’s *limited* public Technical Alpha.

Stay awhile and listen…



  • Diablo Immortal bridges the story between Diablo II and Diablo III.
  • Travel the breadth of Sanctuary to locate the Worldstone shards that Tyrael tried to destroy.
  • Journey through six distinctive zones in the alpha, starting with the small town of Wortham and including the capital city of Westmarch.
  • Dungeons are prime to explore for loot and lore, as well as to progress through the main story–these can be completed solo or in a party.
  • Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts are also available for increased variety and rewards.


The Technical Alpha includes four playable classes:

  • WIZARD: Wield the dread destructive power of magic to annihilate your foes.
  • BARBARIAN: Charge into battle and crush skulls with brute force and reckless abandon.
  • MONK: Take down your enemies with martial arts and ancient mysticism.
  • DEMON HUNTER: Obliterate all who stand in the way of your acrobatic dance of death.

Each class has access to unique Primary Attacks and a set of Skills, some of which are familiar to Diablo veterans and some of which are brand new.

Additionally, Ultimates can be charged up using Primary Attacks, which grant a brief but powerful boost.



  • All gear is self-found and cannot be traded.
  • There are six primary slots (visually-changing and skill-changing effects) and six secondary slots (help augment and customize build with additional stats).
  • Charms provide unique skill rank bonuses for all classes.
  • Gems and Legendary Gems provide opportunities to further customize builds.

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