Haptic feedback vest Woojer Edge hits Kickstarter goal in less than two hours

The upcoming Woojer Edge series, which includes the Vest Edge and the Strap Edge, has hit its Kickstarter goal of $20,000 in less than two hours. The campaign is currently listing the Strap Edge for the Early Bird price of $99 and the Vest Edge for $299.

A powerful, high-fidelity haptic experience in transportable form. The Strap Edge is built to go with you, so you can have the Woojer Experience no matter where you are. Wear it around your hips, on your chest or cross-body, and then fold it up and place it in your backpack when you’re done. Amp up your workouts, vibe up your walk to work, and stimulate your gameplay. Don’t just move through the day, immerse yourself in the day.

The Strap Edge features a powerful, polyphonic & silent Osci TRX52 haptic transducer and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

Submerge yourself in a powerful, high-fidelity haptic experience. The Vest Edge gives you 360 degrees of immersion, delivering accurate and detailed sensations that’ll raise your pulse. It’s got out-of-the-box stereo haptics, and is the perfect companion for at-home gaming and VR. If you’re a music pro- this’ll pump the low-frequencies through your body as it engages you in a unique and mesmerizing audio experience.

The Vest Edge features 6 polyphonic Osci TRX52 haptic transducers, stereo haptic transducers array (2x sides, 2x back, 2x front), and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

The Woojer Edge Series’ Kickstarter campaign is now live until October 10th, 2019. To fund the project, visit the campaign page here.

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