Halo Wars 2 gets a sweet CGI launch trailer

The epic battle between the UNSC and the Banished is just two weeks away (Tuesday, Feb. 21, or Friday, Feb. 17 for Ultimate Edition owners). Today we have the launch trailer for Halo Wars 2, the 343 Industries-developed RTS built in the Halo universe. The two minute trailer shows off some incredible CGI, as well as a great demonstration of why the Covenant fear the Banished. There’s no doubt that the team at 343 know how to weave a story (with a little CGI help from super-studio Blur). Here’s a nibble:

In case you haven’t been following Halo Wars 2, here’s a quick refresher. After experiencing a pyrrhic victory following the events of the first Halo Wars, Captain Cutter and the brave crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire wake up after 28 years of cryosleep to discover themselves orbiting a familiar Forerunner construct; Halo 3 fans, you know what it is. After receiving a distress signal and sending down some Spartans to investigate, the crew meets Atriox – an incredibly dangerous Brute who is as intelligent as he is strong. He poses a grave threat to humanity, and it’s up to you to stop him and his Banished.

Travis got to go hands-on with the multiplayer mode and had a little writeup and video action to share in his preview. The multiplayer, true to Halo form, will feature a modes like Domination, Skirmish, Strongholds, Deathmatch, and an all-new mode called Blitz that combines deck-building with the game’s visceral combat.

Best of all, Halo Wars 2 is an Xbox Play Anywhere game (provided you pick up a digital copy — physical copies not so much), so picking it up on Xbox One or PC let’s you play it on both platforms at no additional charge. Before you head off and check out the trailer below, make sure you look over the awesome artwork from Grzegorz ‘Gabz’ Domaradzki, Kevin Tong, and Craig Drake here at Gaming Trend.

Halo Wars 2 will be released on Tuesday, Feb. 21, or Friday, Feb. 17 for Ultimate Edition owners.

Halo Wars 2: Official Launch Trailer

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