Guess what? It’s gonna be May with new content planned for Tera this month

To celebrate Tera’s successful launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in April, En Masse Entertainment has announced new content updates all month in May, with Item Pass Delivery and a new five-player dungeon available on May 5. The updates are designed for players to get engaged in the game in the coming weeks.

Following its strong launch on April 3 for both Xbox One and PlayStation®4, En Masse has created a dynamic lineup of updates that will keep the momentum going with something new for players to experience every week in the month of May.

Throughout the month, players can expect new content and updates to appear on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on a weekly basis starting off on May 5 with the game’s first Item Pass Delivery and a new five-player dungeon set for level 65 characters. The following week, players will be able to test their PvP skills with a new level-65 battleground called Corsairs’ Stronghold, where two teams of 20 players will alternate between protecting the keep and attacking it in a best-of-three siege mode.

Now available for free on the PlayStation® Store and Microsoft Store, TERA features a massive world alive with fantastic characters, Big-Ass Monsters (BAMs) and precision-based, combo-driven combat. The fast-paced action, skill-based aiming and positioning, and furious combos make for a visceral experience that works perfectly on consoles. With a character type to match nearly every play style and innumerable customization options, TERA gives every type of player something to experience and provides a world of content completely for free. And the world of TERA is just beginning, as there is a robust schedule of free content updates slated to come to players in the weeks and months ahead.

Check out more content updates for Tera on the game’s website, read up on Patrick’s Tera review, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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