Gotham City Imposters Goes Free-To-Play

Holy Carnage-Fest Batman!

Gotham City Imposters, with all it’s mayhem and madness, has gone free-to-play! Announced today by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Gotham City Imposters will now be available free of charge on Steam, and includes all the features of the original game plus every DLC pack. The game allows up to 12 players to pick a side as either a Batman or Joker imposter and duke it out in one of four different game modes that take place on one of the eight Gotham City maps. Players will have access to a variety of weapons, costumes, and upgrades, as well as the ability to join new or in-progress games.

Players can engage in deliriously fast paced, uniquely vertical, and completely unconventional urban warfare where progress supports leveling up and access to a mind-boggling array of customization options. Unlock new Bats or Jokerz costumes and build your own specific loadout from a huge assortment of traditional and homebrew weaponry, equipment, and perks. Gadgets such as the Glider Rig, Grappling Hook, and Spring Boots give gamers unprecedented mobility options, while support items like the Bear Traps and Boomerang, open up new tactical options.

Sounds like a batboat-load of fun! Gotham City Imposters is available for download on Steam and is rated “T” for Teen. If the enticement of a free game doesn’t do it for you, here’s a handy video showcasing the impressive array of weapons and customization options available. Enjoy!

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