Gigantic creatures invade Keyforge with the new Mass Mutation expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has announced their newest expansion for Keyforge, Mass Mutation. This game will add to the billions of combinations of possible decks and introduces gigantic creatures which use 2 cards to create a titanic mutant.

The world of the Crucible is pushed and pulled by constant twists and turns, but a great change is coming—unlike anything we’ve seen before. A vault containing mysterious dark æmber has been opened, causing strange and unknowable transformations. While each House must decide to condemn or enjoy the dark æmber mutations, one thing is certain: KeyForge will never be the same!

The KeyForge cardpool grows and expands once more with Mass Mutation, giving you access to billions upon billions more completely unique decks—decks with their own strategies and tactics that only you can truly master. Drawing from a cardpool of 422 cards, Mass Mutation brings over 250 brand-new cards to your decks, and with the introduction of dark æmber, mutation runs rampant. You’ll find strange new versions of familiar characters, massive creatures that stretch across more than one card, and the triumphant return of House Sanctum.

As with previous sets of KeyForge, there are plenty of ways for you to enter the game. If you’re already playing, you can easily pick up an assortment of Mass Mutation Archon Decks, each offering a ready-to-play unique deck. Or, if you’re getting into the game for the first time, the Mass Mutation Deluxe Deck contains one deck and tokens for one player, while the Two-Player Starter Set contains two decks, paper playmats, and tokens for you and your opponent. Whether you’ve been playing KeyForge since the first day, or it’s just now catching your eye, Mass Mutation is the perfect time to get started.

Dark Æmber Mutations
The vault of dark æmber has been opened, and the mutations that it causes are already running rampant across the Crucible. These mutations are not inherently good or evil, though House Sanctum would certainly argue otherwise. But although each House chooses to despise or embrace the mutation, one thing is undeniable—the changes that it brings to familiar creatures are certainly strange.

Bad Penny has been a familiar creature since the game’s very first set, Call of the Archons. With Mass Mutation, however, you’ll find a new twist on what you know with the introduction of Rad Penny (Mass Mutation, 255). Rad Penny gets shuffled into your deck rather than returning to your hand upon destruction, but she also steals an æmber from your opponent when she’s played. Or, you may uncover a deck with Snarette (Mass Mutation, 14), a mutant version of Charette. Snarette captures æmber more slowly, but its potential is far higher, and as an Action, you can clear all of its captured æmber.

While many mutations have been wrought in the Crucible, some are specific to your very own deck with the introduction of the new enhance keyword. Unlike most keywords, which come into effect during gameplay, enhance does all of its work as your deck is first being algorithmically generated and collated. Essentially, enhance simply adds bonus icons to cards in your deck. Up to this point, the only bonus icon has been Æmber, which lets you gain an æmber when a card with this bonus icon is played. Mass Mutation, however, introduces three additional bonus icons alongside the enhance keyword! The Capture bonus icon lets any friendly creature capture one æmber, the Damage bonus icon lets you deal one damage to a creature in play, and the Draw bonus icon lets you draw a card.

Stomping into Action
Adding a few new icons to cards in your deck may seem like a small change, but not every mutation born of dark æmber is small in scale. In fact, Mass Mutation also sees the introduction of the game’s first gigantic creatures—titanic mutants too large to be contained on a single card!

Gigantic creatures stretch across two cards in your deck—and they have the power to match!

Each of the gigantic creatures in Mass Mutation stretches across two cards in your deck, and you’ll need both of those cards in your hand to be able to play the creature. The rewards are well worth the challenge, however, as you’ll see with the towering Deusillus (Mass Mutation, 244). This 20-power creature captures all of your opponent’s æmber and deals five damage to a creature when he enters play—and every time he fights or reaps, he discards an æmber and deals two damage to every enemy creature!

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