Getting a glimpse at Another Sight with a new teaser trailer

Lunar Great Wall Studios has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game Another Sight. The teaser may be short, but it definitely pulls you in and makes you want to learn more.

Created with heart, culture and character, ANOTHER SIGHT is the story of Kit and Hodge. Whilst exploring the London Underground during its construction in 1899, Kit, a bold teenager is caught in a tunnel collapse. When Kit wakes up, her sight is gone, and she’s left helpless in the dark world below London. Hodge, a mysterious cat finds Kit, and becomes her companion on a journey through a surreal fantasy adventure, influenced by Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

Another Sight aims to tell an emotional story about loss, trust, and companionship. Kit and Hodge each have their own unique abilities and ways of perceiving the world, so they must combine their talents in order to overcome obstacles. Along their journey, Kit and Hodge will also encounter historical figures such as Claude Monet and Nikola Tesla. Another Sight is set to release later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Make sure to check out the teaser trailer above, and check back here at Gaming Trend for more news and updates.

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