Get your spell cards ready, Touhou Spell Bubble is available on Switch now

Taito recently announced that a new Touhou Project game, Touhou Spell Bubble, is available now on the Nintendo Switch. The game, which features a crossover between Touhou characters and Bust a Move, comes with a free demo and launch discount, and comes with some BGM tracks as well.

Taito Corporation is proud to announce a brand new rhythmic puzzle game for Nintendo Switch, which combines the ever-popular world of Touhou Project with a fusion of puzzle and rhythm game action! Touhou Spell Bubble is out in North America and Europe on October 29, 2020, with a 10% discount and a free demo too.

Touhou Spell Bubble is a mix Puzzle Bobble’s (Bust a Move in North America) game design with Touhou Project’s characters and music, further enhanced by a line up of 40 voice actresses and illustrators. Choose your favourite Touhou character like Reimu Hakurei (voice: Ayaka Suwa), Marisa Kirisame (voice: Naomi Ohzora) and many more Touhou stars, then face off against your opponents armed with Spell Cards and your bubble busting, rhythm skills in this new twist on two fan favourites!

A total of 48 music tracks, including 12 brand-new and exclusive to the game from well-known Touhou arrangers like IOSYS, Yuuhei Satellite and many more! Character design comes courtesy of top illustrators like Fuzichoco and Ogipote, and there’s a cast of top-tier voice talent to bring a the unique roster of characters to life in both single player story mode and local multiplayer matches! And if that’s not enough, there’s 3 DLC packs out today, too!

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