Get Close With Battlefield 3 DLC

Battlefield 3 players were recently given the “option” to purchase Battlefield Premium for $49. This is a good deal if you plan on buying all of the DLC for the game since it will save you some money in the long run. But it has made the release dates for the somewhat released Close Quarters DLC kind of confusing. So I’m going to break it down for you:

If you own the PS3 version it came out on June 4th, but only if you have Premium. If you own the 360 or PC version then it came out on June 12th, but only if you have Premium. If you don’t have Premium, but you do have the PS3 version then it won’t be out until June 19th. Last but not least Premiumless PC and 360 players have to wait until June 26th.

You got that? Four different release dates, three different platforms, one DLC. Confusing I know. But hey check out the videos and screens below to see if you can wait until the 26th or not.



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