Games for the Masses–Weekend Deals 10//04//2013

e773xcom-ipad-enemy-unknown-620x350Welcome back to Games for the Masses, where you pay less to play more!  This week the aliens are among us, as it’s X-COM, X-COM, and–guess what?  More X-COM!  Looking for the classic Microprose X-COM experience?  How about the entire classic X-COM library (even the flight sim X-COM Interceptor) for less than $4?  Want something a bit more modern? Well, you can bring your sectoids to 3D with 2012’s X-COM: Enemy Unknown for free all weekend.   As in at no cost.  F-R-E-E.  If you like it–and you will–you can make the purchase final for less than $10!  Other big deals this weekend?

  • Final Fantasy VII–The classic Square RPG.  Spoilers–Sephirioth is not a nice guy.
  • Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition--A fantastic recreation of another classic RPG.  Adding 3 new characters and many of Baldur’s Gate II’s iinterface improvements, the Enhanced Edition is a solid remake of a lengthy, rewarding game.
  • Spec Ops: The Line ($15)–The unmatched and unmatchable achievement of the last console generation.  Spec Ops will make you deeply consider why play the games you do.
  • Greenman is having a Multi-game sale.  Pick 2 games and get a pretty stiff discount on your choice.
  • The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 is out–no experience with any of the games in it, but you can pay as much–or little–as you chose!
  • Indie Royale’s Debut Bundle 5 has some interesting projects you might be interested in checking out
  • is having a huge sale on games that are currently not carried on Valve’s ubiquitous platform.  Careful though–some of these projects are pre-orders.

Those were the best deals we could find this week.  Think we missed a big deal?  Let us know in the comments.  Game on, Comrades!

Addie grew up near Detroit. After studying Cell Biology at the University of Michigan and spending a year looking into microscopes, Addie decided to volunteer--playing video games. hobbies run from gaming to music (voice, bass, guitar) to rugby. Addie is a strong supporter of indie and low-cost gaming, an area she thinks is underserved by the media.

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