Galactic Civilizations III’s newest expansion, Intrigue, and v3.0 update now available

Today, Stardock Entertainment has officially released the latest expansion for Galactic Civilizations III, Intrigue, as well as the free v3.0 update.

Intrigue adds several new additions to the game such as politics and government, commonwealths, the Galactic Market, the ability to hold elections, and more. This expansion is available for $17.99 until tomorrow April 13th, where the price will increase to its standard $19.99.

In addition to Intrigue is the free v3.0 update, which includes improvements to taxes, tourism, farming, and an increase in extreme worlds.

“Intrigue brings answers to the big questions about governing an entire civilization across hundreds of planets and an enormous galaxy,” said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. “In Intrigue, once you settle your second planet, your people begin to demand some sort of government that recognizes that you have a significant offworld population. This adds a completely new element to the Galactic Civilizations that fans know and love.”

Until tomorrow, April 13th, Stardock Entertainment will have a sale on the various versions of Galactic Civilizations III including 66% off normal pricing for the base game. This means that the game has gone from $39.99 to $13.59. In addition, the Gold Edition, which includes the base game and all expansion and DLC packs except for Intrigue will be on sale for $46.99. Or, if fans would like just the base game and Intrigue, that will be available for $33.57.

Galactic Civilizations III’s latest expansion, Intrigue, is available now on PC. For more information or to purchase the game, visit the official website.


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